Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite Little Pieces of History at Home

Since I am really into history, I contacted a researcher at the Hennepin County Library in their Special Collections Department to inquire about our home's history. Within one day, a man by the name of Ian Stade returned my email with tons of information about our house. The part that meant the most to me, was the original building card, it was the first record of our home, documented the only way it could in that time, on an index card for the city, can you imagine? It tracked any work done on the home, including building and additional work or repairs. The most notable feature, the home was built in 1924, for $5,550 by a contractor of the name Jake Fredson. Sounds pretty cheap! The building card's last listing on our house was 1964, assuming the city developed a new system for tracking and inspecting homes. When I received all of this information, I fell in love with our house more, it had a story, lots of life happened here. I have this hung at the bottom of our stairwell near the front door.

The other favorite in this posting, a real antique, Alex helped a friend move into his grandmother's home, and while moving, found this old grape box, just happened to match our color scheme, I love it! Alex asked if he could take it, and brought it home. He came in and said he had something for me, it was so thoughtful, nice job husband! We have it on our fridge still and it looks so authentic to our house, I love it!

That is it for now, More favorite things to come!!!

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  1. I have been wanting to do some research on my South Minneapolis home and you just gave me the perfect place to start! Thanks!


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