Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our first room project! The Dining Room

So, the first room we decided to tackle was the dining room because, really, it was the easiest room to figure out. We knew what furniture we needed and that we needed a new light fixture and some paint of course, so we got to work! Nothing to tough except patching that GIANT crack in the far wall.
One sad thing, at some point, an owner of the home had the built in removed, which is a crime in an old house! I can only imagine what the real built in would have looked like in the dining room, would have been gorgeous, but for now, we had to purchase our own for the space.
After much debate at the Home Depot and almost coming to tears over the decision (the paint aisle at HD is a great place to completely lose your mind!), we decided on Behr's Sequoia Grove for the Dining Room and Kitchen, we thought the warm redish-orange-brown would suit our style well and fit the older feel of the house.
The hardest thing about the revamp was putting up the light fixture. Have you ever done electrical work in a house built in 1924? NOT EASY! It took Alex about 4 hours, and 2 trips to Home Depot to get that sucker up there! When we took the other light fixture down we found some weird iron bolt thing hanging down in the center of where the light needed to go, along with fabric covered wiring from lord knows when! So it definetly wasn't easy, but once we got it up it looked so lovely! Really added a focal point to the room.
And here is a more recent picture during the day. The wall frames and photos are from Ikea, the white wire decorations by the window are actually chargers from Target along with the table runner & curtains, we got the new buffet from Ikea, I believe it's Swedish name is Liatorp :) it was very difficult to find one that fit the space well and could hold a lot of storage (since we don't have a lot of kitchen cabinets.

Also, we didn't have a dining room table since we lived in tiny apartments before (table for 2!), so when we finally got to choose one, we wanted to make sure it was large enough to fit 6 people. We ended up getting the table on clearance at Ikea (yes, we love Ikea, feel free to make fun, but hey, we are just getting started in life!), and we got an amazing deal on the leather dining chairs from Target, they were normally $99.99, found on sale for $79.99, and I had my discount (10% 0ff) + my Red Card Reward discount (additional 10% off) so each chair was $63.99 each! It was great to finally have a dining room table for 6, great for entertaining and the holidays!

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