Friday, June 25, 2010

"Honey, I think this brick is loose!?!?!"

Yep, that was a quote from Alex as he pulled on a brick that looked loose and then... CRUMBLE! The whole corner just fell apart, we knew the corner was in rough shape when we bought the house, one of those things we should have written in the deal to be fixed, but since we asked for so much else we thought we could wait on this one. Turns out, when brick and mortar isn't looking good, best to do something about it right away because it is brittle stuff when space gets between it.

Unfortunaletly for us, this happened when we were in our house for about a month, so we were already deep into our rennovating, and this was one type of repair Alex could not do. So we had to shell out money to get this fixed ASAP. The work was done very well, so we were happy with the result, it was a bummer it was expensive to fix, but it looks so nice now!

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