Saturday, June 12, 2010

Living Room: Mounting a TV to a Brick Fireplace

Since our fireplace was the main focal point of the living room, it made no sense to put our TV anywhere else, it would just make the room unbalanced. So we decided to mount our TV to the fireplace brick.

All you will need is a wall mount for a flat screen TV and a brick drill bit.  We found the mount at Target for $80 and the brick drill bit at Home Depot for $12.  Once it was time for Alex to get drilling, we realized we didn't have any safety googles on hand. So, I grabbed the next best thing... my sassy BCBG shades! 

Doesn't he look fabulous drilling....

The drilling did take a lot of time and pressure, Alex had to throw a lot of weight into the brick to get the drill bit through, but it all worked out!
Sadly, this was all done pre-blog creation, so I missed getting a shot of the mount itself. But, here is a look at the TV after being mounted. (sorry for the blurry picture, this was also before we had a nice camera) 

  *** Update 12.15.2013 ***
I wrote a new post about this project with more details on the electrical and cable cords, check it out here:

I thought I should also update this post with a nicer photo!  Here is what the TV looks like mounted today (during Christmas time I should note!).


  1. Where did you put your tv cables and cable box?

  2. Hi Jackie! First of all, wow this post was probably one of my first few, it's really bad, haha! I think I will have to update it :)

    For the TV cables and cable box, we actually made a cut out on the left side for the cables to go down inside the mantle and then they extend out to a cabinet where the cable box is. I will try and update this post and include photos :) hope that helps a little!

    Carla @

  3. We have the same need. Where are the cables?

  4. Where is the electrical outlet? Did you have to make a new one in the brick?

    1. Hi, take a look at the newer post I wrote that includes more details about all the electrical & cable cords
      : that should have some answers you are looking for!


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