Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Upstairs Bathroom Redo.... Again!

Yep, you read that right, we are redoing last year's upstairs bathroom redo!  Which you can read here.

I was gone for a few days in New York City, so my hubby was all alone at home with the pups, and was apparently feeling very ambitous!  So I came home to a BIG surprise when I headed upstairs and saw the bathroom as shown below.  And I was SO EXCITED!

So why are we redoing our redo?  Mainly due to the tile flooring, the first time we revamped the bathroom, we didn't change the tile floor, and have since wished that we did.  The grout started to crack and even tiles felt loose, evidently installed incorrectly, it just kept bugging us when we would look at it everyday.  The grout was even stained and gross, guessing it was never sealed or just sealed incorrectly.

A few highlights the new bathroom will have: new tile, new toilet, beadboard, wall trim, and (maybe) new cabinet doors/ vanity.  Get excited!

Alex was a good hubby and took lots of pictures of his progress while I was away, so I will follow up with a much longer blog about the process!

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