Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Hate Our Front Door, But It Just Got a Little Cuter!

Well, this is kind of dumb, but I am going to blog about it.  I got our first front door wreath!  We haven't had any wreaths before for our house (or apartment or condo), so I was really excited about it.  I knew I wanted to get a wreath for Christmas this year since we didn't have one last year, but while visiting Joanne's to get more fabric for my Chair Cover Project I found all the fall wreaths on sale for half off!  I couldn't resist, and oddly, it took me almost a half hour to pick out a wreath!  Pretty stupid, but I couldn't help but compare them all trying desperately to picture how they might enhance our curb appeal and spruce up the look of our house.  Anyway, here is the one I picked, I think it is super cute and makes the outside of our house look far more cheery.  Once we carve pumpkins; I think the whole front porch will look seasonal and cute. 

So why do we hate the front door? Well, we aren't totally sure if the door is the original door to the house, but it is pretty darn old.  We think it is cute, but when it comes to being functional and energy efficient it is a big problem.  Here is a look at the cute little mail slot that says 'Letters'. 
We actually do get our mail in this slot since we don't have driveways in our neighborhood or mailboxes along the street.  It is pretty small (our Netflix won't fit through) ha!  It is darling, but we are pretty anxious to get a fancy new door (and I'm hoping we can paint it red to add some color and character, it would pop against the white trim, right?).  If we do ditch the door completely, I plan to salvage the 'Letters' slot somehow.  I think it would look great with the paint in our kitchen and dining room.


  1. The wreath looks great! I so would keep the "Letter" slot...Maybe there is a way to make the door more energy efficient and keep the door too. : )
    Health and happiness,

  2. Yes, I think we are going to try and seal up the edges a bit for the winter. It is just so darn hard to open and close it! Maybe we just need a whole new door frame? Ha!

  3. We have similar door hatred. Our door is most likely original and we love the windowed cut outs, but it's got some water damage, the original hardware doesn't work, so a previous owner installed the most hardcore security locks ever, meaning we have to use a key to unlock our door...from the inside! Talk about a fire hazard! New keys cost $150 each since the locks are custom, so we figured a new door would be the best and most economical option. But to keep the style and quality we're looking at $2000 per door. So we're waiting just like you for awhile.


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