Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our 'Home Alone' Sledding Adventure is Featured on 'Hooked on Houses'! Check it Out!

We are so excited!  One of our favorite Home blogs 'Hooked on Houses' featured our 'Home Alone' Sledding Adventure today! Julia writes about all things home, but our favorites are her features about TV and Movie houses!

If you are a new visitor to our blog linking from Hooked on Houses be sure to check out our House Tour and let us know what you think of our progess so far! We know our stair sledding was fun (and a bit on the crazy side), but our main focus and commitment has been on renovating our little 1924 Dutch Colonial! Happy Holidays!


  1. I don't know how I came across this blog but it is awesome. Me and my guy just bought a 112 year old farmhouse and the fun (not) has just begun. Your blog inspires and I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your ideas!

    1. Of course you should copy some ideas :) That is the fun of sharing things in the blog world, best of luck with your renovations on your old farmhouse. With all the 'fun' comes lots of memories and you will have lots of be proud of along the way!


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