Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spare Room Redo: Floor Plan and Inspiration

It has been a while since we last wrote a super crazy confusing post about our plan for the Spare Room off our Master. Well, here is the official game plan for the space Alex and I have agreed on (I even made him shake on it to make it official so we can finally get started).

As you can see, we decided to break up the long space into a sitting room and dressing room. We are sort of trying to create a whole master suite, minus our own bathroom of course, we aren't up for that much destruction construction. But having a lovely sitting space off our master and a ton of new storage space is a major bonus! So now that we have shared the floorplan I wanted to put together some images of what we are thinking of for the dressing room. Well, really this is what I was thinking of, the dressing room will be all for me (lucky me, finally getting a dreamy closet!). Alex will get to take over the existing closets in our master.  So here is the inspiration for my dreamy dressing room/ closet- with the exception of the color schemes/ decor- that will come later.

This image was featured the November 2008 Domino Magazine (sad, remember Domino magazine?). It is Jenna Lyon's (SVP of Design at J Crew) dressing room in her lovely Brooklyn Brownstone. You can take a look at the entire home on Habitually Chic. I love that it still feels like a room and not a closet with built-ins covering each wall. Which might be a good idea for our room since it does have windows and doesn't feel very closet-like. I love the open industrial fixtures for her shoes and rolling racks for her clothing.
Here is another that feels more like a room and not a closet with the open industrial fixtures.  This image was found on Where the Style Things Are. It looks so fun, but again these pictures aren't my inspiration for the decor/ color scheme of the room (no thank you to the zebra rug)!
This one is from Desire to Inspire. I love the rustic wood trim attached on the rolling rack.
I really think the rolling rack and open fixtures will be a perfect look for that side of the room. Maybe I'm also drawn to the rolling rack idea because it reminds me of my college days, we had rolling racks in our apparel construction and design rooms.   

So...we are ready to get going now that we know our plan for the layout, flooring, shelving and rolling racks! Next we just need to figure out the decor and color scheme of our master bedroom since we want the whole space to coordinate. I can't wait to post our master bedroom inspiration soon, we have waited 2 whole years to do this!  So much to think about, I sort of go cross-eyed when I try to piece all the details together in my mind, but I can't wait to get started and make these ideas reality! 

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  1. ummm yes I have ogled the same rooms!!! You are living my dream. Maybe someday I can have a walk in... *swoon*

  2. That's a great use of the space, and no need for construction! Do you know where you're going to get the rolling racks from? You should check out Accent Store Fixtures, they're just north of the farmer's market by 394 and 94. They sell used retail equipment, we rented mannequins for our wedding there. It might be hit or miss but I'm almost sure they'd have rolling racks.

  3. The design looks great! I can't wait to see how you pull it all together and add your style!

  4. Awesome tip Mike! That isn't too far from where we live, we will have to check it out! Thanks!

  5. Carla Marie!

    I love the first photo! Spot on cool...(add an oversized leaning floor to ceiling mirror?)

    It's a fitting room in a design house in London or Milan!

    You two are so creative! Happy New Year! So happy that we have connected! *L*

  6. I really love your industrial inspiration! Beautiful!

  7. Oooh, I hadn't seen this post of yours. I'm totally in love with that first picture. Yummy!!


  8. Love your plans. They are making me kick myself. We had a bedroom with a square arch opening into a room with built-ins. We also have an ensuite. We closed the arch up, and used it for another bedroom (we didn't really need to, we had lots of rooms, but have since taken out more walls up the other end of the house). If we had kept that as one room, I'd be living the dream. (Well working on it anyway). Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x

  9. I love the idea of a master suite, it will happen one day for me! This is a fabulous plan, adn the inspiration pictures are ones I've got in my file too!

    I've come across from the linky at Sarah's and have spent most of the morning noseying around your blog - it is fantastic! I love all your creative ideas and inspiration! I'm your newest follower. :-)

    Meera xx


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