Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Bit of Freshening Up in the Living Room

Well, here's to hoping that the 3rd time is the charm when it comes to rugs in our living room.  We haven't had the best luck in the past with rugs (I blame our 2 rambunctious pups).  A couple weeks ago we started noticing that our 2nd rug wasn't looking so hot, and there seemed to be no amount of cleaning that could help it very much.  Sadie then sealed the deal when she got overly excited and piddled all over it.  So, I was on a hunt for rug #3.  At this point I just thought, I need something simple, durable, and lower in cost (in case I was going to throw it away in less than a year). So, I hit up Ikea and picked up the 5'5" x 7'7" Egeby rug for $79.99.  Here is how the living room is looking with it now.
In case you are wondering, this was what the living room looked like with rug #1
Here was rug #2
I'm really happy with the new rug, seems pretty sturdy and I love the natural woven look.
Here is a closer look at the texture and light linen binding around the edges.
Since I was taking pictures in the living room I thought I'd also show this guy again.  I got a lot of awesome comments in the post I wrote about this vintage Military Crate I found in an antique shop.  I even heard from a gal living in Kaiserslautern, Germany with her husband that is in the Air Force.  He said it might be a foot locker that soldiers would store their belongings in before being deployed.  I also got a comment tying in Magnolia, MN!  Isn't the blog community amazing!?!?!
Anyway for now we haven't decided on adding the legs or not, but I put a stack of vintage books on top and I think it is looking very nice in that corner of our living room.
Still not sure what I will store inside, but I am sure I will think of something! Time to go help Alex hang that window, we totally procrastinated this weekend :(


  1. Hi Carla...the new rug has the feeling of looks very cool! We make pet friendly
    decorating decisions as well! We have a giant Laborador Retriever. Sadie and Rocco have a lovely home and wonderful parents... Happy Valentines two!!!

  2. Our friends just bought this rug for their home too! I am almost sure it's exactly the same as they got it from Ikea as well. They own two dogs and didn't want to spend too much. Unfortunately, one of the pups has already done some damage to a corner of it (naughty Checkers!). I really love how it looks in your living room. Great addition!

    I have made the conscious decision to not buy anything new until I am convinced that our "puppy" (he is almost 1.5 but we rescued him when he was around 6 months and has remained a perpetual puppy ever since then) is done peeing on random things in our apartment. Until then, I will just admire the fine goods of others.

  3. OK--last time I will comment on your blog tonight. Promise. I am not sure how this blog thing works, if you get notifications when I respond to your comments on my blog or what. But anyway, here is my response to the Goodwill shoes comment you just left. :)

    "Carla, they were indeed Target cast offs! I also picked up a super soft blanket that was from Target as well. I am sure it was relatively clean but I still wash it in boiling hot water as you never know who's mits were on it before getting to me. It's amazing the good deals you can find when Goodwill hunting. I go in spurts. I should probably lay off for a while as I still have a few tubs of my own that need to get donated. Do you ever go to the one in Hopkins? That's where I have the best luck."

  4. I love your grey living room. We're trying to decide on a living room colour and I'm just totally stuck. Grr....

    I thought your locker-box-thing post was SO fab. Seeing all the comments come in was amaaaazing.

    Oh, and LOVE the new rug!

  5. Looking good! Some rugs last generations (and cost thousands) but we stick with cheap ones that we replace. It makes sense to us. Is there any product that can protect the rug from your pooches?


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