Saturday, May 14, 2011

My (Icky) $10 Chair Needs A Redo

Now that we have the radiator cover done and decorated, it is time to spruce up the rest of the Sunroom.  On a random trip to Bauer Brothers Architectural Salvage I found this chair buried in a dark scary corner of their warehouse.  I thought given the appropriate little 'face lift', it could be a cute little vintage chair!  So I haggled my way to a super deal at just $10! 

I love the shape of the chair, but really.....that was about it.
 The dark wood and the nasty old upholstery have to go! ICK!
First, I just threw away that cushion (it was bascially destroyed anyway).

Then I took some pliers and started to tear away the upholstery.
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  There we sooooo many staples!
Then I discovered that the inner foam cushion had pretty much disinegrated into dust.  It was so gross!  I decided I needed to take this project outside.
I continued to pull off the upholstery and all the old batting.
Once I had removed the 'aged' cover, I had to go around the base (where I pulled out the fabric) and remove all the staples with needle nose pliers.  This part took a while (and made my fingers hurt)!
So here's where we are now.  When I first found it I thought the chair back was solid or had the metal springs.  So we are going to have to come up with something for the back and make a new base for the seat.  I am planning on painting it white so it matches the radiator cover and trim.
I hope I can find some pretty faric for the base and chairback. Wish me luck! 

To Be Continued...


  1. Really cool find! I love the shape of it. I bought a chair once where the cushion had turned to powder, so gross!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Your chair has great bones....I can't wait to see the finished product!!

  3. Auughh - I'm dying! that chair is beau-ti-ful.... can I have it?!?! purdy please?

  4. You're such a tease, Carla! lol I can't wait to see it. I know it'll be fabulous. I love the shape! :)


  5. Good job at keeping your readers guessing with the TO BE CONTINUED! ;) Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  6. to be continued?! just like how hawaii 5-0 ended last night! I cant stand the suspense!!! LOL cant wait to see it done

  7. Well done, Carla! That looks as though it could be really beautiful. Lucky you for having such a great chair to practise on! I've been on the lookout for something similar but no joy yet. Hmmmph! I'll watch and learn from you, I think!!



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