Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lights, Camera, Docu-WHAT?!?! Our Small Part in the History of North Minneapolis

Tuesday evening was pretty exciting at our house!  Alex and I were honored to be filmed and interviewed for a small part in a local documentary about our neighborhood titled 'Cornerstones: A History of North Minneapolis'
We have our little house blog to thank for the opportunity to be apart of this project.  Turns out the editor and publisher of the North News forwarded our blog to Dan Bergin the Producer of the documentary (thanks Margo!).  Once Dan read a little about our love for the history of the neighborhood, the history of our house/ families that lived here, and how we chose our house, he thought we would be a nice addition to the documentary.  How cool is that!?!?

Here is a picture of Alex and I with Dan after our interview.
He sent us a brief description of the content for the documentary:

‘Cornerstones: A History of North Minneapolis’ reveals surprising stories of the North Side through the power of place.  From the historic Sumner Branch Library to one of the last remaining commercial buildings from old Plymouth Avenue to the Emanuel Cohen center-now Oak Park Center, Cornerstones will explore diverse history through North Side buildings, spaces, and sites.  The one hour documentary and accompanying web site will be a touchstone for common ground, education and understanding about the community that represents the city’s past and hopes for the future.     The project is a co-production of the University of Minnesota and Twin Cities Public Television.

If you look back at my post about the Northside's history, it details some of the story about the area.  There is a ton of history here and it sure has seen a lot of ups and downs.  I imagine it will make for an amazing story for the documentary and I can't wait to learn more about my surroundings!
It was pretty fun to see lighting set up in our house and mic packs attached to us as we walked around.  Yep, little things like that are exciting to me :)

I think we did our best to tell the story of the families that lived in our home (all the way back to 1924) and how we feel about our community.  We also touched a bit on all the work we have done to our home and how we strive to keep it's historic character and quality. 
Even though it was fun it was still a bit nerve wracking.  I hope we do our neighbor's proud (and don't sound like a couple dorks)! We look kind of dorky in that picture, haha!

  I have to say it makes me feel very proud that we are looked at as a small bit of history in our community.  When we started this little blog, it was just to show our room redo's, DIY projects, and my love for home decor (which I also have to thank our old house for- my passion for home design certainly increased after we moved here).  Who would have thought we would get a cool opportunity like this?

I will post an update when we get any news about it's premier date or when the website is up and running!

Anyone else out there have fun opportunities come their way because of your blog? Or, maybe you've learned more about the history of your home or neighborhood?  I'd love to hear other cool stories!

*** UPDATE ***

Here's the link to the Cornerstone's website
Sadly, we didn't make the final cut of the documentary, wa-wa.  But, we are included in the online extras!  Here's the link to our video, enjoy!
(Alex is waaaaay better on camera than me!)


  1. Wow thats awesome!! Love that!! Not a homeowner yet but I think thats really neat to know the history of a home!!

  2. Very cool and how neat! Congrats on being stars! :)


  3. That is very exciting. So excited for you. I'm sure you did your home and neighborhood justice!

    We had Better Homes Kitchen & Bath shoot our kitchen makeover through them finding our blog! It was so much fun!

    Gotta love blogs!

  4. Never a dull moment at your place...Layla & Kev, indoor sledding, tornadoes, and now the local History Channel! Do you two need an agent?
    Just pour me another tall glass of lemonade, please! (You can tell I've been popping in for a while now!)

  5. So excited for you guys! Movin' on up in the blog world and TV world.

  6. This is so great! Having grown up in North Minneapolis I am excited to see the documentary! Congratulations!

    I got published in the Romantic Homes Magazine, they just found my blog and asked me to submit a DIY project! Yep, it was pretty exciting! they just dropped by again and I am going to be in the November issue. Just know that everyone is looking all the time, the web is an amazing thing!


  7. This is great hearing all the fun opportunities other bloggers have had because of their blogs! Lynne- we love that you have been with us for all those fun adventures, we will always have more! Still trying to think of how to top stair sledding :)
    Carol- I forgot to tell you! When the crew was here I mentioned that I have gotten emails from folks that used to live in North that have found my blog, they thought that was great and that it was neat former residents still check in with the community! It made for a neat little side story :)
    I hope I get to hear more stories about neat blogger opportunities!


  8. Carla, feel free to use my kitchen photos for your post! :)

  9. Congratulations Carla, that is so cool, and so exciting! You'll have to post a link when the documentary is live!

    From my blog I've been asked to be on House Hunters International a couple times, I've been asked to be on a Chilean TV show called Best Bloggers and I met with a TV producer in NYC about filming a reality show. But I obviously haven't done any of them. HH didn't work out because Seba didn't want to be in front of the camera. The Chilean show didn't work out because the hostess got sick the day we were supposed to film and we were leaving the country the day afterwards for like two months. And the reality show just did not sound like my thing. I would love to have an opportunity like this one that you just had though -- something that's a perfect fit and is really cool!

  10. Hey gorgeous girlie,

    I love it when it turns out I was thinking along the same lines as someone else. And no surprise that it was YOU!! I LOVE your style, Carla.

    It's a real treat seeing all around that white kitchen's before and afters. I've only ever seen the shelf shot before. It's lovely, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures.



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