Friday, December 23, 2011

Head Over Heels Friday: Christmas Sweaters!

I know you might be thinking, "Wait, does she mean Ugly Christmas sweaters?"... NO!
 Yes, that is my hubby Alex (evil laughter), however it isn't his body. I had a blast photoshopping his head onto one of these photos!  Couldn't resist showing you!

This post is about classic Christmas sweater style! It is something I have been Head Over Heels for probably since my teens.  I know you might think I am crazy, but I love wearing something themed on Christmas.  It just helps me get into the spirit!  I often wear something red and green, but I LOVE a cute classic Christmas-y sweater (proof shown on last Christmas)!  Here's a look at some of my favorites I have seen out sweater hunting this year...

If your extra crazy festive like me and need to get your hubby in the themed sweater spirit here are some more for the men!!!

Thankfully, Alex has been a good sport about my strange Christmas sweater rule :) and he can rock a sweater cardigan better than Clark W. Griswold.
Sorry Sparky, you lose that one!

Are you Head Over Heels for classic Christmas sweater or Christmas themed attire too?

Or, do you think I am nuts???

It's okay if you do, but it won't stop me from wearing my Christmas sweaters :) hehe!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and safe travels to anyone out there trying to make their way back home for the holidays!  It will be Christmas for two here at our house (well four if you count Rocco and Sadie). We opted to skip the trip back to Michigan this year, it's a bit of a bummer but Alex and I will make our own little Christmas as special as we can... which I am sure means some sort of strange costumes for the dogs along with photos- so maybe we'll see ya on Christmas :)


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas, Carla! I love your posts! They always make me smile. :)

  2. I cannot stop laughing at that picture of Alex. It totally looked like a non-edited picture. Your photo shopping skillz are amazing!

  3. I don't think you're nuts...however, I suck at winter clothes. I cannot style myself in a nice winter outfit for the life of me. So basically I just wear my normal summer clothes with a winter coat over them and tights under...and freeze my ass off :)

    Anyways, point being...I stopped by to tell you happy holidays Carla!


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