Sunday, February 19, 2012

"G"...What a Lovely (and Mysterious) Vintage Trunk

As promised, here are some photos of the trunk we picked up at Hunt and Gather during our Valentine's Day adventure.
Everything about it was perfect for the color scheme we are going with for our Master Bedroom redo.  I loved every little detail including...
... the brown canvas (perfect with Behr's Bitter Chocolate), the gold dowels & lock, black metal edge clamps, and hardwood slats. 
 An extra little fun detail was this monogrammed "G." on each side of the trunk.  Too bad it wasn't a "Z." but the random letter is still pretty fun, makes me wonder what story this old trunk has.
Here is a look inside, it has some kind of garment holder/ organizer.  Not sure if it originally came with the trunk?
 If it did, my only clue as to where the trunk came from is this label on the garment holder that says "Thiss Luggage, Leather Goods, Minneapolis"
I tried searching the name and nothing came up. I also looked through old photos in the Hennepin Country Library's Online Special Collections Database and again, no luck.

So, the trunk's history is a mystery, but I am excited that we have a unique decor addition for our Master Bedroom redo

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  We are having a very warm February day here in Minneapolis, so Alex and I are going to grab a coffee, walk along St. Anthony Main, and enjoy the sunshine!  I'll be posting some more Master Bedroom updates soon! 


  1. Oh, I love the "G"! It's perfect! We had very warm weather today too. Can't wait for spring!

  2. George R. Thiss owned a luggage store in Minneapolis.

    1. I looked up that info and found a picture of that old store, thanks for the tip! I wonder if that is what the G stands for then?


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