Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wife is Away. The Hubby Must Stay....And Tackle Some Projects!

With Carla "out of the office" for nearly three weeks, I will have plenty of time to tackle some projects from our always evolving "To Do" list......There are a few projects that rate high on my list for completion while Carla is away so I thought I would share them with you can have a glimpse into what my time as a bachelor is really like.

Project 1: Master Suite Headboard
Carla picked up an excellent vintage door from Bauer Brothers a couple of weeks ago and I have been intending to turn it into our new headoard....hopefully Rocco, Sadie and I can put our paws together and make it look something like the way, those tufted chairs are amazing!
Habitually Chic

Project 2: Ideas of Grandeur for Our Quaint Dining Room
In our first post of 2012 Carla hinted at the desire to have "less red" in our dining room. Inspired by a great article in This Old House (and the work my handy brother in law Brian was planning for his mudroom) I decided that our dining room needed something to set it apart from the kitchen, and given that we host quite a few dinner parties, I wanted the room to look more formal and grand. The answer (if you haven't already gathered) is Wainscoting!! I can't wait to get started on this project as I really think it will add to the classic feel created by our living room and fireplace. Hopefully it will look something like this soon.
This Old House

Project 3: Kitchen Flooring Refresher
While I have no intentions to demo all of the tiling in our kitchen and back entry, I do want to make an update to "clean up" the look.....long term. I hate to say it but, white grout in a high traffic area (and with two pups that can't seem to remember to wipe their paws) was just a bad idea. I have tried multiple sealents and still have to resort to monthly two hour sessions of bleach scrubbing. I will stand for this no longer! While I was at the Home Depot scoping out some project essentials I came across a few grout removal tools and a new darker color grout that I couldn't be happier about.....
With just a little imagination, those tired (not so) white grout lines can become so much more!......Sorry, I'm nowhere near as good with PhotoShop as my globetrotting wife! 

So what do you think - Can I pull off these three projects while Carla's out of town?
Do you like the ideas I have thus far?

Be sure to stay tuned for my progress updates along the way.....It'll be an exciting couple of weeks! Who knows, I might have a special surprise project up my sleeve too :-)


  1. Great plans, can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. Hey there - just stumbled across your blog via Two Men and a Little Farm. I'm sure you'll do a great job and all will look great in time for Mrs' return. Love the style ideas and will be great to see how it turns out. Will be checking for photos (unphotoshopped of course!) ; )

  3. Aww Carla is so lucky to have you busting out some major projects while she is away! I can't wait to follow along!

  4. i am totaly amazed at all the great bloggy hub's out after 3 weeks all i wanna know is which 1 of you had the best time!!!

  5. I think it's great you're taking over the blog while Carla is out! Good luck on the projects!

  6. how sweet your wife is going to luff this & all projects im sure
    i agree those tuffed chairs are amazzzzzing

  7. I will give you a much easier cheat for the grout issue. My parents did it and it worked amazing, a tile guy actually gave them the idea. Find a paint color that works, lightly dilute it with some water (not alot) and brush on the grout. Done. You can seal if you like, it will last longer, but then they had one that was not sealed and it lasted beautifully. They moved out 6 years after soing this and it was still in perfect shape.

  8. Grout removal sends shivers down my spine and nauseates me! Once upon a a "favor"... all the grout was removed from my bath surround. This was not a favor as the air conditioning was running AND 2 fans were placed in the working area for extra cooling on a hot day. Now, imagine all that grout dust EVERYWHERE for weeks, make that months. It was imbedded in the carpet, clung to all fabric surfaces, coated every surface with a rough dust that simply could not be wiped away on the antique furniture for fear of scratching.

    Think before you remove, cover everything, put the dogs out and wear a mask. If you can wet the grout down before removal all the better.

    Good luck!!

  9. lucky wife:) those projects will bring lots of smiles i'm sure.
    good luck!

  10. Alex, good luck on getting all the projects done while Carla is away. You can do it!!! Looking forward to the pics.


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