Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom (Plus Sewing Steps)!

Another Master Bedroom redo to-do conquered!

After hitting my salvage stops this past weekend, I was also able to tackle sewing our window panels with the fabric I picked up at S.R. Harris.  Here's a look at one of the windows....
I know the photo is a bit dark, I still need to learn how to shoot indoors facing a light source (if you have tips please pass along!).  The panels turned out exactly as I had planned, but I have to admit I have a regret with this sewing project.  After we got them hung along the curtain rod I took one look and thought the same thing that I bet some of you are thinking.... "Should have used a drapery lining fabric, ugghhhhh!!!!"

Currently, all we have for window treatments are those crummy white plastic blinds and I am dying to totally get rid of them.  We might replace them with some other kind of shade to block light and provide privacy.  But ideally, I'd want those curtain panels to block more light in addition to a shade (you know, for sleeping in on the weekends of course). Yep, it totally stinks and I probably have to bust out my seam ripper and add in a drapery lining, booo!

In the meantime, I did take pictures while I was sewing the curtain panels so I could share the project here on the blog.  Here are the DIY sewing steps for making some basic window panels, enjoy!

First, take your measurements and cut the fabric to size (include an extra 5 inches or so if you are going to put the panel on a curtain rod). Then, lay out your fabric out for ironing and pinning. 
I did a 0.5" double turned hem on all sides of the fabric.  Basically you fold all the edges in a half inch, iron them so you have a nice crease, then fold those folded edges another half inch, iron again and pin the double turned hem you just created in place.
Here is a closer look at my hem pinned up and ready for sewing.  Make sure to fold the side hems in first and the bottom hem last.
Now for the rod pocket, fold the top part of the fabric down, iron and pin in place for sewing.
Note: I like to do all of my ironing and pinning in one big step, so if you do the same make sure you don't sew your rod pocket shut!  I sew all the hemmed edges in one step, starting at the bottom of the rod pocket and ending at the rod pocket on the other side.  Then I sew each rod pocket hem separately.

Here is a closer look at the rod pocket fold.  You can see that I pinned all the hemmed edges in place, then folded down the pocket.
After folding it down I removed the pins out and placed them back in the same spot but this time, on the outside fabric.

Then you are all done with ironing and pinning, time to hop on your sewing machine and make some window panels!


While I got busy sewing, Alex took on the task of installing the drapery rods.  I picked up these rods at Marshalls for only $16.99!  Their "Compare at $30.00" sticker was totally right, everywhere else I went the decent oil rubbed bronze rods were $30 to $50.  I am pretty happy with that under $20 per window price :)
Alex successfully installed the rods and we hung up the curtains!
Like I said, I still think I need to add a drapery liner and once I get to that task I will make sure to show you how I went about doing it (and hopefully I won't destroy the curtains in the process).
Regardless of the liner issue, Alex and I are very pleased with the look of the curtains in our room. But, it is also the first time we have added curtains in our bedroom, so of course it looks amazing to us :)

What do you think?  Do we need the liner?

Hope the sewing steps are helpful too! 


  1. You don't have to rip out all the seams! Hem the sides and bottom of the lining fabric and just take out the rod pocket seam. Slide the unhemmed top of the lining fabric under the edge of the rod pocket and resew the seam. I did this on my dining room curtains and they turned out really well!

  2. Hi Kristin, hmmmm that is easier than what I was thinking! Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. They look great! I made my own roman shades awhile ago and didn't add a lining to the back - it looks really dumb from the outside and I have to get around to redoing them some day!

  4. Very nicely done and they look easy enough!

    Don't forget to come by and link up to my VERY FIRST blog hop!!

    Thanks! -Amanda

  5. You probably should add the liner, and Kristin has the right idea. Easy to do that way. How wide are your panels? They have just the right amount of fullness, and I can never get mine to look right. Did you twice the width of your window? Three times the width? I must know!

  6. If you buy the type of drapery liner that is used for insulating (not sure how well the insulation works, given that curtains don't really seal, but works great as blackout fabric), the is a coating on the fabric that makes it no-ravel. So all you need to do is cut the panel to the correct dimensions and insert in your curtains. Hancock used to carry it, but it's been so long since I looked for it, I don't know if they still do.

  7. You could make a second set of curtains out of a thicker fabric, in the same, or a complementing color. The double curtain would have the same light blocking effect, and add some extra interest!!=)

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love your blog!

  9. Photo tip... when I take a picture toward the light, I aim my camera first on the object to focus, then slide the camera over a little and continue to take the picture. That usually works pretty well. Fun blog! Blessings!

  10. THANK YOU! I seriously needed this post, we're moving in a few short weeks and I've needed a little inspiration to motivate me to make my own curtains! happy weekend.:)

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