Monday, April 9, 2012

(Corny) Easter Family Photo Fun

Much like last year, our Easter wouldn't be complete without some fun "family" photos.
I know, it's corny but I just can't resist the opportunity to add something goofy to our photos.  A holiday theme is the perfect excuse!  That way when Alex asks...

"why do I have to wear this stupid      (fill in the blank- hat/ headband/ pair of glasses)     ?" 

I can then reply with an obvious response...

"Because it is      (fill in the blank with appropriate holiday)    , DUH!" 
Alex then usually replies with a "(heavy sigh)" but complies with my request, hehe!  He is a good sport... even though I totally know he is sporting a fake forced smile.

I got to have even more corny fun this Easter since my parents came to visit!!!  I think they even asked the same question above that Alex asked and I got to use my same response :)  Totally worked for them (and their pup Priscilla too)!
They look PUMPED for these photos, am I right?!?!

Aside from the goofy photos, we had a wonderful weekend and I loved having my parents here for a visit.   It isn't very often Alex and I get to play host & hostess for family, but each time we do I really enjoy it.  Feels so good to share our home, cook meals, and (in a small way) take care of people I love.  Makes me proud of the life we created here in Minnesota since leaving Michigan.

We hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter (complete with goofy photos) as well!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program... aka home projects!


  1. The looks on your parents' faces in that last photo are CLASSIC! I'm tempted to write a few captions about what they might be thinking. Love it!

    1. Ha! Captions would have been great! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend too!

  2. Those photos are awesome and your husband and family are good sports. Makes me want to do goofy photos for our next family holiday. I am sure my sister would get in on it. Looks like you had a good holiday and family time....nothing better than that!

  3. Hahaha that is awesome! Your mom looks so thrilled in the last photo hhahha. I really love your plaid dress btw!! Where did you get it??

    1. Hi, I actually got the dress from the Salvation Army, BUT it is from Victoria's Secret. It was in their clothing catalog for years, not sure if they still sell it, but I recognized it right away! Got such a deal on it, only $8!!!

  4. I love your family photos. It's crazy pictures like these that become your favorite! And your husband sounds like mine.... always answering with the heavy sigh :P haha

  5. Newest follower! Found you through a google image search. Love your house and style. Come visit me at The Farmhouse Porch when you get the time.


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