Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Ektorp Ottoman Gets Some Fancy Feet!

I mentioned in our Master Bedroom Reveal post that we had changed the feet on our Ektorp Ottoman in order to class it up a bit or "un-Ikea-fy" it, so now let's get into the "how-to" for this little redo!
We found our Ektorp chair and ottoman last summer on Craigslist for just $80.00  (new from Ikea it would cost $400.00 for the chair AND ottoman- crazy Craigslist deal right?!?). The original plan was to put it in the Spare Room off our Master Bedroom... but that didn't work and we have since taken that whole room apart (more to come with that project).
That is how it looked back when it was in the Spare Room... kind of plain, fine, and comfy looking.  But when I decided to move it into our Master Bedroom I knew it would need to look a bit less comfy/lazy and more formal. So we took that ottoman and gave it some fancy formal feet

I picked up four wood feet from Home Depot and spray painted them gold to match the other gold accents in our bedroom. Then Alex popped off the short little plastic feet and added the wood feet in their place using some Loctite Power Grab Adhesive (sorry no action shots).
After adhering all four feet in place, Alex set the ottoman upside down to let the adhesive dry for a couple of hours. Then he carefully flipped the ottoman back on it's feet and let it sit another 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure.
Once it was good to go we plopped it back in place in front of the chair. I left the original slipcover on the ottoman and I'm still tinkering with the best way to shorten it....
 I was going to hem the bottom, but I think it will be better to shorten it from the top since I still like the little pleats (shown below).
Those little fancy feet certainly made that ottoman fit our room better!
And I love that it looks a bit more Pottery Barn and less Ikea :) 

I'm really happy with how this little $40 fancy feet upgrade turned out!  Looks like we need to add them onto the chair now too!

What do you think of new feet on the ottoman?
Do you know of any other cool DIY upgrades for Ikea's Ektorp furniture?


  1. Just a question - Why didn't you change the chair feet?

  2. LOL! I wrote at the end of the post that we're doing the chair next :) Maybe I will add a photo to Illustrate, I know that it might get missed? But we wanted to make sure we liked how the feet looked and since it costs $40 for 4 feet I guess I didn't want to spend $80 at Home Depot that day :) spacing out all the DIY spending helps!

  3. I can't believe how much of a difference the feet made. Great job!

  4. I had the same idea! I wanted to do longer legs though, and only use the "top" of the ottoman. I went to home depot and it seems nearly impossible to find a double sided screw that will screw into the ottoman (where the plastic Ikea knobs go to hold the top in place) and into the leg. Would you suggest gluing as well? I dont plan on anyone sitting on it, more as a coffee table. Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hmmm, maybe you could try really strong nail glue? The Liquid Nails stuff? It might work as long as no one trys to sit on it :) Use clamps to hold it together tightly while it dries!

  5. I have been searching online for instructions on how to diy a cover for the ektorp sofa, I would like to pin the skirt underneath and get new feet, I know you left small pleats and hemmed from the top but would it have worked if you didn't want to show the pleats? Any help with this would be great! Thanks!

  6. Hi, yes you could totally pin the skirt to the underside of the sofa, that might be faster & easier than hemming either way! No one would probably notice either, do it!

  7. I am now going to change our my legs on my Ecktorp sofa - great idea!Also, where did you get your rug? I love it!

  8. I got it from Urban Outfitters, they still have it online! It is only like $60 if I remember correctly, doesn't have a latex backing so you'll need anti-slip rubber pads under it, especially if you have doggies that mess them up like Rocco and Sadie always do :)


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