Friday, June 1, 2012

Head Over Heels Friday: Rocco's Food Fight

Do your kids play with their food?  Ours certainly do.  Thankfully, it's okay and even considered kind of cute since ours are dogs :)

Case in point: Rocco's Milkbone ritual.
Every time we give the pups a Milkbone treat the same thing happens- Sadie gobbles it up on the spot while Rocco runs into the living room with the treat where his strange ritual begins.  We're not sure what it is exactly... maybe attacking and killing it... intimidating it... or just plain old playing with it and he only does it with Milkbones.  Whatever Rocco's doing, it is pretty darn goofy and cute so we had to capture it and share it!  We're Head Over Heels for his strange Milkbone ritual and hope you all get a kick out of it too (better past the 1:00 minute mark and Alex cracks up at the 1:45 mark).
I kind of feel like Rocco knew we were making fun of him at the end?

Alex thinks there is a striking similarity to the way Rocco shakes his head at the Milkbones to Will Farrell's Harry Caray impersonation... LOL!

Anyway, I hope you were Head Over Heels for the video too!

Do you have a pet with an odd treat or food ritual?
What is their ritual like?


  1. How cute! We used to have a dog that had to roll all over everything to scent it as hers. She didn't do it to her food--that she just took one piece at a time, ate her one piece in the corner, then went back for more--but she definitely did it to bones and toys. She would try and do it to our other dog's bones too, then get annoyed when it didn't work and he kept chewing on them.

  2. OMW - so cute!!! Your kids are adogable!

  3. OMG - that's precious, and hilarious! Our dog Benny has a ritual too, but sort of does a prance/dance and snorts and sneezes until she gets her treat. Then she stands over it for a moment, like triumph that she killed it. And if one of the cats comes nearby, it's snarfed down immediately! What would we do without our little ones!?! Bonnie

  4. ha, ha, my small dog does this too! Everyday! thanks for sharing. Mary in NY


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