Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Feature: Holly & Brian's DIY Entry Storage Bench & Message Board

Greetings from good ol' West Michigan!  I'm visiting with my sister for a few days and got to see one of their latest DIY projects in person that I had to share! 

You might remember a while back when I shared some of their entryway storage ideas (post link here).  Well, take a look at their new DIY storage creation complete with storage bench and message board!
Awesome addition right?!?

In that original post, my brother-in-law created some illustrations showing different ideas for the entryway.  The storage bench + message board combination was one idea... 
Then another was a storage bench with wainscoting...
When we posted those options, a lot of you thought the wainscoting was the way and so did they.

 Brian drew up a few more illustrations for the wainscoting project, but a month later they decided to just built the storage bench for now because they had a bigger project to work on....
 Their 1st baby (and my 1st niece)!!!! 

So Brian whipped up this storage bench DIY style...
Perfect for putting shoes on and taking them off (and keeping them out of sight).
Brian also did a little DIY project on their message board.  They picked up this black painted white board + cork board combo with hooks. He popped out the white board (shown below on right)...
Then painted the white board with magnetic paint then chalkboard paint- I've never thought to do that nor did I know you could do that!  So their chalkboard is also magnetic for holding cards or photos.  Brian also made the small cork board darker using the same wood stain he used for the lid of the storage bench- I didn't know you could do that either!
The combination looks totally perfect together right?
Maybe the wainscoting will be added someday, but really who cares about that with baby on the way?!?  I know I don't :)

What do you think of Holly & Brian's new storage addition?
Did you know you could stain cork or make a chalkboard magnetic?

Now, I'm off to the zoo with my sister-in-law (Alex's sister) Amber and my nephew Henri!  Excited for some QT with little Henri!  Keep your fingers crossed we don't all get cranky in this awful HEAT!  Stay cool out there!

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  1. how cute it looks great tell them great job

  2. Great storage bench!! A nice way to use a small space! I'd heard about magnetic paint, but had never thought of staining cork! Have had ideas using cork, but didn't because the color didn't time I'll try stain! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh wow, love the magnetic paint! Will have to remember that next time I want to do chalkboard painting. Also to note, love the new entryway and the fact that you will be a 1st time Aunt. I will be 50 this year and became a 1st time grandma, but still NOT an aunt. My brother and sister just roll their eyes when I continue to ask "when will I be an aunt?". LOL

  4. Love your blog, found the awesome basket over toilet for towels idea there. I live in an old Victorian built in 1893 that my hubby has been painstakingly restoring. The previous owners thought having a painting crew come in and spray everything beige and white would be a fantastic idea. Well getting paint outta wood crevices with a nut pick is NOT my idea of a party!! I say just hubby cuz after helping strip paint off of the beautiful wood in our dining entry way, I said no more baby, I'll take care of the cooking, cleaning and kids, but this makes me wanna kill myself.

    Congrats on the impending aunty : ) Stop by my blog anytime, while my pics are not organized like yours, there are a LOT of before and afters, and no, it never ends ; )



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