Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stripping, Sanding, Stuffing, Sewing and Stapling, Oh My!

Well, that little reupholstery project that I hoped to have done this past weekend isn't... booo.  It actually has turned into a real pain mentally and physically.

Unlike my last (super simple) chair redo, this one is turning out to be more complicated and time consuming that I anticipated :(  I guess I knew going into it that it would be hard given the fact that is is my first attempt at a full-on reupholstery job, but holy moly there was so much more to this project than I thought there would be.

... and stapling.
Which I guess brings me to the physically painful part. 
In order to add the fabric to the chair, I have had to use a staple gun to staple it on (in places where they won't be visible) or use nail head trim (where it is visible and where the fabric meets the wood surface).  Sadly, not every placement of a staple or the nail head was accurate on the first try so I had to pull them out which isn't easy on the fingers even with pliers.  I'm also thankful I haven't shot a staple through one of my fingers yet!
Additionally, I have about 150 single pieces of nail head trim to add to this chair individually with a hammer... and my fingers.  "Ouch" is an understatement, I have regrettably used many other four letter words.

Alex keeps telling me I sound like that poor old lady in the movie Happy Gilmore with the memorable "My fingers hurt" quoteBut really, they do! 

In some ways I guess I am feeling a little defeated and annoyed that it is taking so long to finish.  I can only hope that I will be happy with it once it is done.  Geeze, no wonder those Restoration Hardware chairs cost so much, LOL!

Alright, here ends my rant because I'm about to continue adding nail head trim. At least I can count on the OC Real Housewives for some mindless entertainment as I work. 

Who's with me?  Can I get a Vicki style "Woo-Hoo"?!?!


  1. WooHoo!! I almost bought a chair Saturday for a full on reupholster, but I thought I might ease myself into it by first redoing my dining room chairs instead! Can't wait for the finished product and a little more inspiration!

  2. Oh, I feel your pain. I reupholstered a very similar chair about 10 years ago and it was h*ll! Something I never want to do again. But I got it done and loved it, so will you! You can do it!! Good luck!

  3. "My fingers hurt"...lmbo!! Totally made me laugh, not that I'm trying to get humor out of your pain;) I just bought a $10 chair to do a simple redo like your last one...hope it goes well. Good luck, can't wait to see pics!

  4. "What's that, your fingers hurt? Well now your back's gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty! Anyone else's fingers hurt? Didn't think so." Sadly, I could quote more.

  5. Keep at it! It's looking great, and will be such a gorgeous piece in your home- with such a great story behind it. A friend mentioned that she wore thimbles while reupholstering a chair- that it saved her finger tips from the "brutality" LOL!

    Can't wait to see the finished chair!

  6. In looking back at your other blog post, I believe I have your sister chair. If memory serves me right, my Grandmother - in -laws slipper chair has the exact same legs.
    I will have to go dig it out of the storage unit and take a peek.


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