Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deck-orating Ideas

Get it?!?  I get a kick out of a good post title, hehe!  Anyway...
I've been thinking about some "deck-orating" ideas for our newly finished deck.  I loved all the suggestions some of your posted in the comments which helped me come up with this inspiration board! 
Planters, Side Table, Solar Deck Light Set, Outdoor Pillows: Target  |  Outdoor Floor Cushions, Floor Mat: Ikea  |  Vertical Planter: Grandin Road

I'm thinking all we need are some decorative outdoor pillows, an outdoor rug, side table, solar lighting, planters + flowers, and (maybe) a vertical planter.  It would pull together a nice look for the deck right?  I know this late in the summer I might not be able to find those exact pillows and cushions, but I'm really loving the idea of a traditional awning/ cabana stripe style.  It is totally classic!

 Even doing my Google search for stripe patio images I found that the patio featured on the show Dallas had that classic awning stripe look...
Yep, weird connection to make but most of you might know I love my strange TV shows.... past and present!  Maybe that means it is meant to be (with my own personal twist on the classic of course)?We will soon find out! 

What do you think of the deck-or ideas?
Have you created a vertical planter or used one? What are the positives & negatives?
Are you having a hard time finding patio decor this late into the summer?

See you Friday for another Head Over Heels Friday July DIY decor & gifting edition!


  1. Oooh I love the ideas you have planned out for your deck, I can't wait to see it all come together!

    1. Thanks Pamela! It has been a slow go thus far since I had to travel for work last minute. Hope I can find some good stuff this weekend!

  2. Loving the black and white stripe!! I've been holding off hoping to land some Black and white end of the season clearance at the Pottery Barn Outlet!!! Did you see their cute B&W umbrella?

    1. Oooo! Good tip, I will have to check PB for clearance soon! I haven't seen the umbrella, I will check their website!


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