Friday, July 20, 2012

Head Over Heels: July DIY Decorating and Gifting...Kinda

It's week three of the newly formatted Head Over Heels series and with Carla out of town I am going to try to stay on theme but, I'm certain I will stray a bit. Now that you've been warned....

Carla may have mentioned in the past that I am an avid cyclist and this Sunday will see the conclusion of the 99th Tour de France. For me this is like the Super Bowl. Given that I'm not a huge football fan, Carla typically only has to deal with me controlling the tv for 3 full weeks in July. The heritage, grandeur, fans, athletic triumphs and scenery are more than enough to suck me in for 2 hours of viewing each day :-)

Sometimes I Like To Imagine The Small Hill By My House Is More Like This...

 Now then, because I am so excited about the Tour de France, I thought it would be reasonable to show a few great ways to DIY Decorate with repurposed bikes and bike parts. Hey, we've all seen the old rusty bike for sale at flea markets and garage sales, why not give it a new life.

First, take a look at this rotating pot holder that would be super easy to DIY.

Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack from Apartment Therapy
Simply painting that old garage sale find white and moving it outdoors would make a very nice garden ornament and certain conversation piece.
I Found This One at Pictures of Arlington

Sticking to that outdoor theme, I think I found a great DIY bike that even Carla might approve of :-) Simply adding baskets and flowers to the old steed adds a pop of color and charm to your landscape

A Nice Summery Idea from Coronado Daily Photo
Saving what I consider to be the best for last, we head back indoors. I seriously wish I had room for this option!

Why Do My Bathrooms Have To Be So Small?! Great Idea From Refreshed Designs!

That's my Tour de France edition of Head Over Heels! Thanks for coming along on this close to themed ride with me !

Which use was your favorite? Does anyone out there have a repurposed bike? Maybe you have a bike that you're now thinking about giving a new life?

I hope you're all having a great kick off to the weekend. Just an FYI, the little project I am taking on is coming along nicely and the fresh paint should go up tomorrow! I'm looking forward to showing you all the before and afters along with the issue that I have been "House Blind" to for far too long!


  1. I love the bathroom bike, too. I've had it saved in my ideas folder forever!

  2. Too funny! My favorite was definitely the bathroom bike! It's so audacious, that you have to love it! I hear you on the small bathrooms, though. Our house is a 50's rancher and the bathrooms are LEETLE. Looking forward to seeing some more DIY, after the Tour, of course ;)

  3. I like the bathroom bike too, but like you, all of our bathrooms are WAAAAY to small!
    The bike planter, though is DEFINATELY something I could do/use in front of our guesthouse! Will have to file that away for next year!

    Glad to hear that there is someone else out there who isn't "in" to football. Hubby and I were beginning to think we were the only ones.


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