Friday, October 19, 2012

Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Spooky Edition

Can you believe Halloween is in 11 days?!?  Where did this month go?  This week's DIY 'Spooky' Edition is a gruesome but simple project to share!

Blood Dripped Candles
I found a very simple tutorial for these when I found a few fun Halloween party decorations.
Image via Live Laugh Celebrate

I couldn't get a good action shot of dripping the red wax on the candles considering it was hot... and on fire The red wax looked lighter pink when it first landed on the candle, then got darker as it dried. I had to lay the candle at an angle to get the red wax to land flat and be thicker than skinny small drips.
Once I finished making them I added them to our fireplace decor...
... and over on our Dining Room buffet. 
Simple, fun and a nice addition to the decor I already started with for Halloween!

Click to see Spooky DIY Yard Headstones or my Spooky DIY Grim Reaper (which wasn't so spooky according to my hubby- you have to see that video!).

Hope everyone has a great fall weekend!  We have fall clean up on our list, YUCK!

What are you up to?!?
Do you have a spooky DIY to share?!? I'd love to see ideas!


  1. We only do pumpkins, we are kind of boring like that or maybe its the major lack of time to actually decorate or maybe its the fact that half of my house is still in remodel mode. Okay it's probably all three things but oh well. I think those candles are totally awesome!

  2. Carla I love you blog
    You have a new follower from Chile


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