Monday, December 3, 2012

Handmade Hammers & High Heels Creations for Sale at Finch's Holiday Boutique!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been busy working on a little side project and that project was for Finch's Holiday Boutique!!!  I wasn't able to make as many items as I did for last year's boutique, but I'm still happy to have a few goodies up for sale!

Here's some info about Finch's Holiday Time Boutique...
Finch's Holiday Time Boutique features unique items from over 50 artists & designers, just in time for the holidays!  (and sorry to the long distance readers, this one is local here in Minneapolis).  This Handmade Open House is Saturday, December 8th from 11am-5pm, and Sunday, December 9th from 12pm-5pm. Check out Finch's Boutique Blog for all the event details, location, and get a sneak peek at what will be up for sale! It really is a talented group of people with lots of incredible creations! Special thanks to friend (and fellow home & craft blogger ) Elisa for organizing the event!

This year I decided to focus on one product type- Decorative Pillows!  I used some plaids and felted wool fabrics to create pillows that had a cozy, winter-y touch!  I figured if they'd make shoppers think about cozying up at home (and hopefully purchase for their home!).  Here's a look at the fun pillows that will be for sale at the boutique!
Red Felted Wood Decorative Pillows with Jingle Bells: $18.00 each

Oversized & Stuffed Menswear Plaid Decorative Pillows or Floor Cushions: $20.00 each

Key Printed Burlap Decorative Pillows: $15.00 each
Like I said, not a whole lot but I know these pillows will add a cute cozy touch to anyone's home this Holiday season!

If you are local here in the Twin Cities make sure to check out the Boutique!  Hope to see you there!


  1. Carla - I want those key pillows!!! Have you thought of an Etsy shop?

  2. YEs, have you thought of Etsy? Love the keys, adore the red with bells! (PS it says felted wood... LOL!)
    Good luck with the sale!


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