Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Awe Inspiring Paper Spring Decor

With March right around the corner (and no current house project... yet) I've been thinking a lot about freshening things up in our house with some Spring Decor. 

While searching around the internet for Spring-y ideas I found something that I'm totally inspired by- Paper!  Yes, who knew paper could look this fresh and pretty?  I love the how the cut paper and origami looks have a geometric edge to them, but in the form of florals they still look soft and spring-like.  Perhaps the best part is that it's all paper!  Makes it seem so DIY-able (at least I hope!).
Paper Flowers via in Decora Origami Rose via Bloom4ever  Mini Origami Flowers via Etsy-ppsblyss  Origami White Vase Centerpiece via Lovely Bride   Origami Birds via Etsy-Perpetumobile  Paper Flower Wreath via West Elm  Paper Flowers in White Porcelain via West Elm Paper Flower Centerpiece via Etsy-Balushka  Paper Flower Backdrop via Etsy-Balushka  Paper Flower Wreaths via West Elm & Etsy-DanaAndCarol  Paper Flower Wall via Ruche

With all this inspiration I'm ready to get started!  I've got paper, scissors, glue, and some craft wire ready to go, here's to hoping for no paper cuts!  Alex is excited too.... but mainly because "it sounds like this should be mostly cheap since it's paper right?!"  Maybe he'll get in on the action too?  You know, based on his strange obsession with those Paper Mache Moose Antlers, it could be a similar challenge for him :)

What Spring Decor do you feel inspired by lately?

Have you done some Spring decorating already?  What did you come up with?!?

Come on, show & tell!!!  I'd love to see what everyone is decorating their house with for Spring!


  1. I have already put out my Easter decor. With a little soon to be 2 years old granddaughter, I am all into eggs, bunnies, chicks and everything that comes with it.

    1. Nice! I might add some eggs to our decor somewhere, but when you mentioned eggs, bunnies, chicks all I could think of was Cadbury Eggs & candy! YUM!

  2. Cute flowers! Right now I am working on a Spring Yarn Wreath for our front door. I am excited to see how it turns out...


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