Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closet-Room Decor Ideas and Junk Bonanza!

After finishing my $10 dresser redo, I've been looking for some inspiration for the rest of my closet-room decor.  Since the space isn't a typical behind-a-bedroom-wall plain closet and it certainly isn't a big ol' fancy pants Lisa Vanderpump closet, it felt a bit challenging to find inspiration to fit my unique space- but there was hope!

What I ended up finding  for "inspiration" were rooms with a unique layout or dual-purpose kind of function... and that dual-purpose function ended up being that much needed closet storage along with an office+creative type space.  Perfect!  Not only did I like the look of this blended space approach, but I LOVED how pretty each image looked!  The combination of pinks, greens, and blue shades along with the unique feminine decor elements felt like closet+ office +decor perfection!

Dreamy right?!?!  The glam inspiration helped me think more about the overall look I wanted to pull together, but I still had to think about the must haves for my closet room which include- window treatments, a floor rug/runner, decorative pillow, storage bins, and other cute random decor.  So, here's what I'm thinking for the overall look and feel....

Roman Shade via Houzz  Pillows via Design Darling Trunk End Table via Brookstone

I can't wait to start shopping and talk about perfect timing... Junk Bonanza starts tomorrow (click the link for all the info)!  I'll be able to shop for one-of-a-kind finds for my closet-room!  My eye will be out for items on the list above as well as unique wall frames, wall decor, storage solutions, and other pretty gold metal or decorative glass items.   I hope I find some great stuff, either way you know I will share with you :)

I'll be there bright and early tomorrow (Thursday 4/18) with my blog/photographer friend Amber, how about you?!?

Anyone else going to check out Junk Bonanza tomorrow or this weekend?

What do you think I should look for to complete the look in my closet-room?


  1. Wow!! Totally wish I could be there for that....Have fun! Can't wait to see what you find

  2. I hope the crummy weather didn't slow you down!! How was it and what did you find??
    I've been to these before! Loads of fun!


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