Saturday, January 4, 2014

In Need of a Fun DIY While I'm Stuck Inside

Anyone else feeling like their January is off to a slow start?  It is BITTERLY cold here in Minnesota- like high of -20 degrees kind of cold, -40 if you factor in the wind chill temps.  Unreal right?!  I am worried if I leave the house my nostrils and eyeballs will freeze!  So what have I been doing while trapped in the house?  Naturally, I've been sitting around in my jammies watching Bravo and pinning things on Pinterest with the dogs piled around me :) Hmmm, does that even count as doing something? Ha!

So, since I'm stuck inside I thought I could tackle one or two of the DIY ideas that I pinned....

I think most of the nation endured snow storms and a killer cold snap this week with sub-zero temperatures on the way starting tomorrow, so I figure I am not alone on this "I'm trapped in the house with nothing to do" kind of feeling.  Come on, help a gal get her buns off the couch :) 

What do you think?  
Which DIY project or two should I tackle?
What projects are you taking on if you are stuck inside this weekend?
Do you have a fun DIY project idea you've recently completed?

Stay warm this weekend! 


  1. It depends on which craft supplies you have on hand... Or you could always choose a random room to repaint! I'm stuck 500 miles away from home at my daughter's house, or I would be building things for my niece. I come last...

    1. I kept busy with fabric, zippers, and crates I had on hand! I did end up painting something but not a room, will share soon!

  2. Hi Carla, Happy New Year!

    I feel for you in that very cold weather, but I know I'd much prefer to be living in that right now than the weather we are having here in Brisbane Australia!! On our large covered back porch yesterday the temp got up to a mind frying ... and record breaking ... 43.8 Centigrade (110.84 F) in the shade! Yep it was BLISTERING! Today however was almost cold in comparison with the maximum only reaching 34.3 C (93.74). :) :)

    And yes 'Pinning' is doing something!!! :) It's educating, interesting, thought provoking and fun!!! :) :)

    Stay warm and take care.

    Cheers, Kyla

    1. Wow, 110 degrees would be quite a shock for us here in Minnesota :) I hate sweating but shivering sure stinks too! Glad you view pinning as doing something... I think most people think that way too so I guess I was being productive :)

  3. Just discovered your blog and am seriously drooling over the show house photos! My area has six inches of snow and still pouring down. Made some rag balls with vintage sheet strips this morning in pink and white with roses...feeling Valentines today!

    Cannot wait to poke around a bit more :)


    1. I don't know which is worse, sub zero temps or above zero temps with tons of snow... hmmmm? Either way I think everyone will be out of the winter poo weather soon! Curious what these rag ball Valentine's decorations are now!?!


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