Friday, May 16, 2014

Authentic Turkish Patchwork & Overdyed Rugs Arrive at Ikea... (Yes- Ikea!)

Earlier today, I took an evil but necessary trip to Ikea to pick up a couple things I needed for an upcoming project.  Thankfully my Ikea experience wasn't pure misery like the last one, mid-day during the week is the way to go if you have to endure Ikea I tell ya!  But that isn't my point for this post, I have to tell you what I found in Ikea's little maze like marketplace- Turkish Patchwork & Overdyed rugs.  Yes, at IKEA!
I dropped my big ol' yellow Ikea shopping bag when my eyes met that gorgeous mountain of authentic, aged, antique Turkish rugs and I zig-zagged my way towards them through sheepskin & slow moving people to get a closer look.

Each one was unique and beautiful for different reasons- The color combinations, the patchwork layout, the faded vs. overdyed look, etc., UH!  They all looked stunning!  I still couldn't believe Ikea had mountains of these things, MOUNTAINS I tell ya!!!!
Sorry for the iPhone pics, I know they aren't the best for showing detail!
Now before you get too geeked and excited, I have to tell you that the prices weren't your typical Ikea cheap.  The range was $79 for a 2'x3', $499 for a 5'x7', and then waaaay up all the way to $2,500 - $4,500 for the largest (I think?).  Considering that they are antiques, I imagine the prices are as low as they can be and it seemed to be pretty fair especially when you consider the prices for some of the other rugs Ikea sells in the same space.  I tried to look them up online but it doesn't appear that they offer them on their website (yet?).

Anyway... I just HAD to share this new development in rugs with you :)  maybe I am being a weirdo, but I thought it was so crazy to see something like this at Ikea!  It's so un-Ikea like right?!

What do you think of Ikea's treasure trove of Turkish rugs?

Would you endure a weekend trip to Ikea to pick one up?


  1. Saw them the other day. I've been craving an overdyed rug so I freaked out. Will probably buy one or two as soon as I have enough money for one.

  2. I live only a couple of miles from Ikea, so every so often I stop in. I was astounded by these rugs -- they are gorgeous and, although not cheap, they are a bargain compared to other sellers. I picked up a 6x9 for my living room. Love, love, love! It just goes to show you -- Ikea is full of surprises. It is definitely worth a weekend trip. : )

  3. I recently saw these and was so excited! I purchased 2 of the 5x7. They have that wonderful faded antique look that is so popular now and, although not cheap, still a decent price for what you are getting. There are so many to choose from and, if you like this look, it would be worth a weekend visit. They range from muted to bright colors. Ikea is such a fun store.

  4. I had the exact same reaction when I was there the other day! LOVE them. Do you happen to know if rugs at Ikea ever go on sale?

  5. Gack!!
    I just saw these last week! I was so excited, I choked on my meatballs-in-a-cup right there in the aisle!
    Then I took pictures which I rushed home to my husband, who failed to grasp the significance of it all, and wisely refused to hand over the credit card. Drats. I'll just have to hope they last til I can save up!

  6. Right there with you! Love these rugs -- they're such a statement piece and can really make a room. Quietly coveting and scheming for a way to get one for my newly redone basement…


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