Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lights, Camera, Hammers and High Heels in Action!

I'm baaaaack! (FINALLY!)  Feels like I've been gone for a month- maybe because I've barely slept at all in the last two and a half weeks so it really feels like a whole month?! LOL :)  

Oddly enough, the day after I returned home from New York, China, Hong Kong, and Toledo  (can't leave out Toledo!), Alex and I had an amazing project scheduled that we couldn't pass up!  Despite the tricky timing, we/I got through the day and just as we expected, it was a pretty awesome experience...

Wanted to share a few pics, but can't share much about the details (for now?!).  I know, boo-hoo!

It was a ______ day for Alex and I (still can't pick a word for it, cool/ surreal/ awesome/ funny/ unordinary/ crazy/ etc.?) and I just wanted to write a little something about it here on the blog since it's the reason we got the opportunity- Well, the blog and really everyone out there that has been reading/experiencing our home DIY adventures with us.  You kept us going and made every project much more fun than going at it on our own :) Thank you.  Yes, it sounds kinda lame, maybe even empty as simple as it is typed out, but we truly mean it. Thank you! 

I know posts have been slow and a wee bit boring for a while but I'm still crazy thankful for everyone still reading.  Fingers crossed, this adventure will get more interesting from here, we'll see! 


  1. This is exciting, Carla! Couldn't think of a more fun couple to have an experience like this. PS: I had a few Skype sessions with a lady who reached out from a production company a few months ago. I wonder if it was the same thing....looking forward to following along!

  2. oh how fun! like your friend above me we did a skype with a production company too but not sure it ever took off. it was for a home building related show. Good for you guys!


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