Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Couch Contenders

Ready to meet the top contenders in our search for a new couch?!?  We hope so AND we're also hoping that if any of you own one of these sofas you can tell us if you are happy with your purchase or not :)  Here we go!


In this corner are the "true to our original idea" category are the leather chesterfield style options.  The Home Decorator's Collection option is priced really well and is our current favorite, the downside is that it is online only so we can't sit on it before buying it :(

The look is pretty much what we want as I mentioned in the first post about replacing our current sofa situation, it's just so classic!

The next contenders in the "next best thing" category are some fabric chesterfield style options. We like them just not as much as the leather and the color options we've found aren't the most appealing.  The upside is that some of them are a little more budget friendly and the Martha Stewart option does have a lot of positive online reviews.

Last up in our list of contenders are in the "well that's cute though" category because we both liked these when we came across them during our shopping excursions but they weren't the original look we both agreed on.

Which contender will come out on top???  We still aren't 100% sure on that right now but I can tell you that it might be a while until we have an answer for that unfortunately (wa-wa).  My hubby has to do some traveling for work for a few days and I've been told/warned that I will get in trouble if I buy a couch while he is gone... he knows me waaaaay too well :)   It is a big decision so we want to make sure we do it wi$ely and of course together.

What do you think?  
Which couch contender would you pick?
Do you own any of the couches?  If you do, are you happy with it?


  1. I like to couch on the left in the very top photo, with the legs of the couch on the right in the top photo. Those little spindley legs on the right couch scare me. :)

  2. I would have a hard time buying something I couldn't sit on first, but if the reviews are good and it's the one you really want- you never know unless you try it?
    Have you considered hacking something from ikea? like this- it kind of fits in your "well that's cute though" category http://www.myso-calledhandmadelife.com/2012/11/sofa-hack.html
    I was trying to think of a way you could hack an ektorp to look more like a chesterfield with tufting?

  3. New option on Target, not leather but interesting... http://www.target.com/p/nob-hill-loveseat-beige/-/A-16260504#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton


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