Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Antique Window Project, Making the Old New!

Ahhh, the interesting things you find in a old home's basement. The stairs to our basement are sandwiched between two walls, so in order to see what is underneath you have a squeeze past them and duck under... which is pretty creepy because, lets face it, any space beneath and old staircase is scary! So of course, Alex was the first brave one to take a look under here, and he found the original windows from the house along with a random original door.

So I thought, hmmm, there has to be something cool to do with these someday. A while later, while checking out the latest goodies at Pottery Barn I came across this framed chalkboard that I was in love with! I thought a chalkboard would be so cute in our little kitchen nook, however, I couldn't bring myself to spend $149.00 on a chalkboard... then it hit me! I could turn the antique window frames into a framed chalkboard! Yes!

While searching for inspiration for how they could turn out, I found a lot of cool things you can do with old windows.

They can be very useful huh? So here is my inspiration image below, I plan to paint the frame white and distress it a little with my cat sander, but I hope it looks this cute! Will follow up with my project blog!


  1. you told me nothing about the AWESOME DOOR!! So, SO jealous. really.

  2. Carla, I'm so excited to realize that you have a blog! Definitely adding you to my google reader :)


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