Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art? Or "Butt F-Art"? Butt F-Art Indeed!

In our little mini bathroom on the main floor, we have one of our favorite pieces of art hung up, it is our Butt Fart Art, a gift that Alex recieved from his sister on Christmas of 2008. Anyone that knows Alex and I well knows that we both have a ridiculous sense of humor and nothing really offends us, so this was a perfect gift! It is a real original piece of artwork from an artist in my hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan that illustrates... butt farts, interesting I know. I remember when Alex opened the gift, he held in it portrait orientation instead of landscape, so flipped around I thought it was hills with a tree, haha! Once he turned it I was like, "ahhhh it is a butt!"

We loved the gift and knew it would be perfect to frame and hang in our bathroom (where else would it be appropriate?). It is quite a conversation piece! We also chose our paint color for the bathroom based on the, well, fart shimmer I guess you would call it? Our bathroom is Medieval Gold, and compliments the artwork, but is without a doubt the strangest room in our house, but we have to have at least one!

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  1. oH MY GOSH this is hilarious. I cracked up laughing as soon as I saw it. So doing one of my own! I'm off to check out more of your blog as you seem to have the same sense of humor we do. =0)


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