Monday, August 9, 2010

The New Sink in our Mini Bathroom is Installed!

So I made a previous blog about the sink we ordered:

We had to order this tiny sink because our bathroom is so small, and with the way the plumbing pipes are installed, the existing sink and toilet were so close together, when you would, ahem, use the facility, you would be leaning over the sink as you conducted your business.

Here is a before photo, it is hard to tell from the photo, but if you can picture a person sitting on the commode, their knees would be under the bowl of the sink and their chest would butt up to the rim of the sink, not comfortable, and certainly awkward! I  never really used this bathroom, I would just go upstairs to our larger bathroom to avoid the awkward space, anytime I did use it, it just reminded me we had to get a new sink.
So again, the very before when we moved in, beige and wooded fixtures, ick!
Then after we painted and got new fixtures, still didn't use it because of the sink.

Here is the old sink (the big round one) and our new Porcher Elfe sink (longer rectangular sink)!

Here is a size comparison photo, you can see that the Elfe solves our tight space problem, the Elfe sink only extends 9 inches from the wall, HUGE space saver!

Alex is holding the faucet we ended up getting, the original one I ordered was wrong, we needed a "single hole" since the sink only had one hole for the water, and I had accidently ordered a "single handle"- not the same thing, whoops!

Here is a picture of Alex holding the sink after attaching the drain and faucet.

Prepping to mount the sink...

And finally, the sink is up!!!

So happy with the final look! And yes, that is the original medicine cabinet to the house, someone once asked why don't we just move the mirror and cabinet over, but you can't destroy original elements to the house! Crime! Not to mention you have to move the plumbing lines, that didn't sound fun to us, no way. The new sink works great!

Here is a view from back behind the toilet (sort of), so much space now, the sink made such a difference in this room, I actually use it now! No need to run up and downstairs to use a bathroom, so nice!

*** Update!  The bathroom sure didn't stay this color for long!  Check out the new look we gave our bathroom here!

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  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with this! The little sink is so cute! You guys did a great job preserving the original features (ie medicine cabinet) and making it functional. How the heck did you even find such a sink??


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