Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starting on the Guest Room: Carpet Removal

The four objectives we had to accomplish before we could decorate our guest room were:

1. Removing the carpet
2. Refinishing the floors
3. Adding a closet door
4. Painting the walls.

This blog covers the first step, removing the carpet. We checked under the carpet in a corner of the room to see what the hard wood floors looked like underneath, they weren't in very good condition, but could totally be refinished to look gorgeous! Here is a picture of the room with the existing carpet:

And time to lift it up!

Then Alex got started removing the carpet pad.

Pulling out carpet nails is so much fun! Right Alex?!?! This part wasn't very fun, we stayed up late getting every last nail, it was a pain!

And finally, after every nail was removed, we had the hard wood floor clean and ready to be sanded and refinished! You can also see in this photo that there is a curtain behind the door, what is that you ask? It is the closet for the bedroom, and at some point they had taken the door off of the closet and it disappeared from the house, so sad! So we had to find and install a closet door, will cover that in a separate blog.

And the view from the doorway to the room with the wood flooring exposed.

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