Thursday, September 9, 2010

A "Hammers and High Heels" Farewell to Summer... Au Revoir Until Spring My Fair Wedges!

Wa, Wa, Wa, it is that time of year, fall has arrived, too early if you ask me, but it is time to put away the summer heels and welcome back my old fall/ winter time friends (and of course find some new ones!).

I feel that I don't address the "high heels" part of my blog enough, Alex and I are in mostly "Hammers" mode once we get home, but the heels are a HUGE part of my life! Anyone that sees me day to day will confirm I spend most of my time walking around in 3.5" to 4.0" heels, and yes, it does sound kind of stupid, and looking at this photo of my summer sandals makes me giggle, but hey, I am 5 feet tall! Doesn't that give me a right to rock big heels?!?! I just need to be at everyones else's level is the way I see it, I hate being the small fry!

So, I gathered my wedges (well the ones that sit at home, I also have 6 bins of shoes in my cubical at work, ha) and stuck them in my big plastic storage bin which will be taken to the basement, and sadly sit for 5-6 months.

Au Revoir until Springtime my Fair Wedges! Wedges are by far my favorite type of heel to wear, so you will be missed!


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