Thursday, September 9, 2010

Perfect Items for Our (sort of) Mud Room

I am very excited that I found some perfect items to create our (sort of) mud room. I guess I keep saying "sort of" because it isn't really a mud room- as in- it isn't a room of our house. So maybe I should call it "The Mud Entry"? I don't know, guess that works, because as "the lady of the house", I like to keep our space clean and tidy, and this entry is where all the dirt gathers, thus needs cleaning often! So, the back entry is now... The Mud Entry. Yay!

I found this hook, shelf, and upper cabinet cubby combo online, I know as is the size will not work, we need only one of those cubbies/ hooks for our 22" wall, so I am hopeful we can order in a single "cubbie" size equaling a mere 16". If we can't get a single cubby/ shelf, we will settle for hooks we can install easily, which might just be the better option because it may only cost $20 total.

For the seating, I am settled on getting a stool from Ikea, this stool measures 15.5", perfect to fit our 22" wall and will not be in the way at all! And in white it matches the rest of our house and trim, not to mention the $29.99 price tag appeals to my budget!

Now, on to the best item! This is a Smith and Hawken brand item you can find at Target, I stumbled upon it during a random Target trip and was immediately stunned! I grabbed it right off the shelf, didn't even look at the price, I knew it would be perfect for shoe storage at the "Mud Entry", I was so pumped! But speaking of price, it was only $39.99, a deal for such a large basket, and it has chalkboards on it! How cute is that? I love chalkboards these days after my Antique Chalkboard Project which you can view here.

Well, now that I have found what I want, it should only be a few days until I post the "afters" for the Mud Entry (at least I hope a couple days, I sure would love the organized and cute space)!


  1. I want to see how it looks!! Sounds cool! (This is Holly)

  2. Nice were cld I find the cubbies u found online?

  3. What a treat it was to stumble across your blog...beautiful can't even begin to descriobe your home!...I love the kids rooms:)...We have six children in a two bedroom & loft cottage & the vintage decor and storage ideas are just perfect! Thank you for sharing!


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