Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guest Room Progress: Installing a New Closet Door and Refinishing Wood Floors

We began our Guest Room redo in this blog, and now we have made some progess.

In the last blog I mentioned the two big projects that had to be done on this room, 1- refinishing the hard wood floors we discovered when we removed the carpet, and 2- installing a real closet door, as opposed to the beautiful curtain (sarcasm font) that was hanging there.  You can see the curtain covering the closet in this photo below behind the door to the room, unfortunately that was the only photo I have of it before we took it down, darn! 
So we went on yet another Home Depot Adventure (like seen here) to get a new closet door.  Sadly, we knew we were not going to find a door just like all of our other doors in the house since all of the doors are the original doors from 1924.  We just needed something basic that would be a huge step up from the curtain hanging there.  Once we picked the door we also picked a out a door knob, we got an oil rubbed bronze handle, trust me, I would have preferred one of the antique knobs, but those are pretty spendy at Home Depot, I am still hoping I can find a functional one at an antique store and re-install later.
Well, the day came to install the door, and it was not a pretty one, I only have photos of the door after install because at the time when we put it in, it was a weeknight, it was late, and we were just a bit cranky (understatement) hey, this whole home renovation thing isn't sweet rosey at all moments!  

So picture this, we get the door, the measurements fit the door frame, but of course... IT DIDN'T FIT!!!  So Alex had one of his ***** moments (censored, imagine B, F, and S words).  The main reason it didn't fit?  We live in a 86 year old home, so it has been through 86 years of life and winters, meaning the home has settled and shifted over those years, nothing is an exact even measurement anymore, and more importantly door frames aren't straight, boo.  So, we headed down to the basement so Alex could saw the door down a tad to fit. 

Have you ever sawed a door?  Neither have we, so again, picture this, we have a decent size work bench in our basement, but not as big as a door, so to get it to lay flat, we had to weigh it down on one side, so guess what we used?  ME!  I laid on the door to hold it in place and Alex sawed away, don't worry, he always sawed away from my direction and we had our sexy safety goggles on.  But yea, looking back I really wish I had a picture of this, talk about dedication to getting the job done!
After a couple tries (as you can see in this photo since the plate moved quite a bit) the door was up!
This photo show where we sawed the edge of the door off to fit, we also sawed at the bottom of the door.
And here we have the door up!  No more curtain, so much better!
Alex is a pro at finishing wood floors, so he got this done in a day since the space was a lot smaller than our living room, and here we have the gleaming floors that used to be hidden by carpet. 

I painted the room pretty quick as well, we chose Behr's "cumberland fog" for our color, we like neutrals mostly, so our house is mainly greys and light blues, so this matched the flow of the house.
So, I guess that photo is a bit of a preview for you, I am still trying to figure out final decor, I was thinking black and white to match the paintings I made, but now I am thinking I want something sweeter, lighter and more inviting for guests, hmmm.....




  2. Hey Carla! I am looking for a great shade of blue for our bathroom. What brand is the "cumberland fog" you used here?

  3. It is Behr, sorry, I should have that in my post, editing now :)


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