Saturday, October 23, 2010

Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge! Alex vs. Carla

In preparation for Halloween, Alex and I always carve pumpkins together.  Last year, we started making it a contest as to who carves the better or scarier pumpkin.  We research designs and hide them from each other so once we are done carving it is a surprise.  Yep, kind of dorky, but we have a good time doing it!  We had the pumpkins out on our porch before carving for decorative appeal.  Unfortunately, squirrels seemed to nibble the back of Alex's pumpkin, at least they didn't make a hole!  So, once we covered our table and got the knives ready, we started the carving! 
We had the 'On Gaurd' with our Sharpies, and started tracing out our designs.
Alex snapped a picture of his...
And I took one of mine before carving...
After some intense carving, we got these guys!
Alex lost part of his eye and a tooth, thankfully he didn't have an 'Alex cursing fit'.  So, since this is technically my blog, I declare myself the winner of the challenge.  My Boogeyman pumpkin wins!


  1. haha how fun!! the family that plays together stays together!! keep it up! I love yours, but his is very scary!!

  2. lolllllllll you 2 need to get out more!!!!!!!! just kidding ya i think this is just a perfect way to enjoy each other and fun!!

  3. Ha! Yea, we are a bit dorky and like to hang out at home a lot. Our ideal nights are inviting friends over and playing games. Guess I am glad we can keep each other entertained!


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