Thursday, November 18, 2010

Design Assignment: Got My Shop On for Henri's New Room!

Update on the progress I made for our nephew Henri's room redo!  With my inspiration in mind, I decided to start at Ikea to look for some kid's room items.  We have been to Ikea many, many times before and I usually avoid the kid's area like the plague (it always looks wild and I am worried I might trip over all the kids running around)! But for someone like me new to the idea of decorating a kid's room, it was fantastic!  I loved looking at all the inspiration rooms they had set up.  First I wrote down notes of the things I thought worked with my idea and then, I got started collecting all the items while keeping that $200 budget in mind! So here is what I got at Ikea:

Polarvide Throw: $3.49
Vitaminer Vimpel curtains: $24.99
Vitaminer Trumma crib duvet set: $7.99
Vildris Duvet Cover and Shams: $9.99 (looks gray but the dots are a lime-y green in person)
Lekfull Land Rug: $6.99
Lekfull Stad Rug: $6.99
Mammut Stool: $7.99
Art Easel: $14.99
Nyttja Frames: (4) @ $3.99 each in red and white colors
I also picked up a crib duvet insert and crib sheet to match. I will still need to get sheets for the bed (I think the adult sheets at Ikea feel very much like gauze) and some decorative pillows. I'm really hoping I can find those at the ol' Tar-jay (Target).

I ordered the perfect wall decals (on the very top) on Etsy from Stephen Edward Graphics shop, for only $16! Aren't they cute?!?

I'm still unsure about what wall art I will get for the frames, but I suppose I could just use family pictures? I can't wait to show Amber, Ryan and little Henri when they get here next week for the big Turkey Day! Then the week after maybe I will be able to post some 'afters' of Henri's room! So excited to see our nephew next week, he is walking now!


  1. This looks like it's coming together beautifully, Carla. I like your fancy collage of all the bits and pieces from Ikea!


  2. Henri was sitting in my lap while I was reading this post. He kept trying to scroll down the page! I think that means he likes what he sees ;))) LOVE YOU!


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