Sunday, November 7, 2010

Design Assignment: Inspiration for Henri's New Room!

I'm really excited about all the ideas I have for Henri's room!  I spent some time looking for some images for inspiration. I found a lot on the Houzz site, it has tons of children's rooms!  Here are some of my favorites. 

We will be keeping the same wall color for the room, so I was lucky that most of the rooms I liked had blue walls.  I'm thinking that I would like to keep it fun and colorful, sort of like the image in the center (and I read that it is good to have vibrant colors, helps with a baby's development, had to do a little research since I don't know much about these things).  I also love the walls with stars and clouds, think it adds a whimsical feeling.  For other wall decor, I wanted to incorporate some letters and numbers, it can be cute and educational!  Lastly, I'm totally in love the the French Rin Tin Tin poster, I must find one!  It is going to bold, crisp and eclectic!

So, I guess when I write it out, it doesn't make a lot of sense... but trust me it will!  Henri is going to have one heck of a room!  I keep imagining him with a big smile on his face when he sees all the colors and patterns in his room- who knows, but I hope so!


  1. All the time and effort you're putting into research and ideas brings tears to my eyes. This is going to be such a special place for Henri as he grows. Thank you, Sis. We love you!!

  2. My friend just shared this french collection with me that she wants someday. And I just happened to stumble across your block from The Lettered Cottage today! I love finding new great blogs but it's even more fun when the bloggers are in Minneapolis too!

    Here's the link:

    I hope it's something close to what you were envisioning.

  3. Katrina, I love those pictures! So cute! I think the whole children's color and animal theme gets sophisticated with the french typography. So cute! Thanks for sharing with me, I will see if it works with the items I have picked out.


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