Monday, November 8, 2010

Striking Gold Antique Shopping! My Latest Finds!

I spent a lovely Sunday morning in Stillwater Minnesota on the hunt for some fantastic finds.  Stillwater is heaven for people that love the thrill of antique shopping.  The Main Street is filled with antique shops, with the right eye you might just find anything you want (and at a bargain price is a total bonus)!

Here are a couple pictures from one of my favorite stores, The Midtown Antique Mall.  Their 3rd floor is devoted to high price antique furniture, everything is so beautiful and filled with history. They have some stained glass windows salvaged from old churches, aren't they just gorgeous?
Here is another picture from the same store.  The ceiling is covered with salvaged antique lights from old businesses, churches, theaters, schools, and houses. It is just amazing looking at all them!  Love the feeling of history and old charm!
  Now, onto the goods I brought home! I actually found them all at The Mill Antique Store, which is in an old saw mill, very cool place to walk around in.
My first find was this stool.  So what is so special about this rusty metal piece?  My grandma had one of these in her kitchen (although hers was black and white) and I loved playing on it when I was little. I feel like everyone had a grandma or a mom with a stool like this that had the pull out steps, they were popular in the 1960's. I have been searching for one like it on Craigslist, but was never successful.  When I found this, it was like striking gold!  I was so happy, I snatched it right up for only $24!!!!  Sure, it isn't in the best shape, but that means a new project for me!  I will have to get started sanding and then painting this rusty baby (might need a tetanus shot first, ha ha).
Next item... This fabulous chippy white trunk!  It was so vintage and shabby, I knew it needed to be ours.  Trunks are great, they can be used as a table, storage, or both!  We intend on using it in our living room and taking out the storage ottoman (the trunk is so much cuter)!  I grabbed this guy for $39!!!
Here is a look inside (sorry so blurry).  It has a blue ticking stripe paper inside, again so shabby cute!
I will work on fixing up the stool and then posting some new pictures of the trunk in our living room (I just added it to the room and LOVE it!).  Ahhh, love having one of a kind pieces at home, totally makes it unique!


  1. Oh my, my grandma has one of those stools too!! Hers is green.

  2. We went to a B&B in still water for our honeymoon a few months ago and went to that exact place! It was so cool.

  3. Carla, that trunk is an AWESOME find! I can't wait for you to take pictures and show us the final product of how it looks when it's all set up in your living room!

    I wish I could take you to this amazing bar in Santiago. It has the coolest antique stuff, lots of it hanging on the walls. They serve great French food and some really unique cocktails, but really the coolest thing is that everything is for sale. Actually we did a photo session there once so you can see photos a little bit of what it looks like:

    You would totally love it. Come visit us (next year once our apartment is finished) and I'll take you guys there!

  4. Love antiquing! There are some great shops here in Michigan. But I wish there were more :) I actually have a trunk in my basement that I am going to re-do myself. Its been around since I was little and before. I remember playing inside it with my toys when I was 5 years old lol...I am now 38 years old. I can't wait to see what you do with these beauties! Nice finds.


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