Monday, November 15, 2010

Living Room Update: Goodbye Storage Ottoman, Hello Antique Trunk to Store Our Junk!

I was just dying to somehow get 'junk in the trunk' in the title of this posting, but then we figured people googling 'Kim Kardashian' might end up at our blog, HA!  So, we found the perfect home for the antique trunk I scored for $39 in Stillwater.  We removed the small storage ottoman from the living room and replaced it with our new old trunk.  It's much cuter and matches all the trim in the room as well as the fireplace mantel.  Not to mention it certainly fills the space better!
Here is the opposite view, I still have our tray on top that we use for food, drinks, and magazines along with a blanket to add some texture.
For kicks I thought it would be fun to post updated living room pictures since we have changed more than the trunk since I took living room pictures (living room redo pictures all shown here).  Here is the 'before' photo from the MLS listing. Beige paint, icky carpet, and dirty fireplace, oh my!
Ahhh, much better, this is how our living room is looking today.
So this was the older living room photo after our redo.  The main changes being the addition of the trunk and removing that rug.  We loved that rug, but Rocco and Sadie started using it as their main play space (since it is hard to get traction on slippery wood floors).  The black and white rug began to get fuzz everywhere, and it became impossible to keep clean.
So, we chose a more natural looking low pile rug (no fuzz)!  Since we seem to be in love with all things natural and linen looking, this rug was perfect for us.  I also like the fact that it is more neutral. All the seasonal decor that will be going up for the holidays won't have to coordinate with a rug, instead the rug will very easily coordinate with all of the holiday decor! (sorry it is dim)
Only a few more weeks until Christmas decor, I can't wait!


  1. Very nice your innovations, Have a good day!

  2. Saweeet! "Only a few more weeks until Christmas decor, I can't wait!" Tell that to Katrina, ours started going up last week!

  3. Just found your blog! Love your living room - and the trunk.
    I am from Minnesota too - I always love to find new MN bloggers :)
    Megan @reFind

  4. Carla, your new living looks GORGEOUS!

    That it actually sort of similar to the aesthetic I'm imaging for our new living room, so I might be emailing you for ideas!

  5. Hi Carla,

    I just saw your great feature over at the DIY Show off and WOW! I've totally fallen in love with your blog

    I love the greys you've used and the touches of industrial. LOVE them!!

    I'm completely and utterly your new follower!!



  7. Okay, i have to follow now too!!! Off to the Depot!

  8. Your new living room looks great! I love the color on the walls and that fabulous trunk! Great transformation :)


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