Wednesday, December 8, 2010

While the Chalkboard Paint Cures, Should We Paint the Lower Wall a New Color?

After Alex finished up getting the new trim midway up the walls I got out the ol' blue painters tape to prep for painting. I really don't mind painting but goodness, I hate doing the blue tape thing!

I'm pretty sure the hubby will be mad I included this picture of the painting process, but I had to show how tiny that bathroom really is!  At first, he and I stood in there painting together. He likes to do the roller thing and I stick to the edges and small brush details. It didn't take long for us to decide it was crazy to be in there at the same time trying to paint, we just kept bumping into each other! After a few brief freak outs, and nearly dumping over the paint tray, we decided to take turns in the little outhouse.
Here is the bathroom after 1 coat of the chalkboard paint.  We ended up using 3 coats just to be safe and to make sure it had a smooth finish that would cover all of that beautiful, exotic gold for the rest of all eternity (makes me sound like a villain in a cheesy superhero movie) . 
The paint is currently in the process of curing for 4 days until we can write all over it! We're even considering having a bathroom wall graffitti party!

Here is where we need your help!  You can see in the previous photo, although it isn't a fully completed 'after' photo, that we have a black, white and 'medieval gold' color scheme going on (see this blog to understand the gold paint. I think we've grown a bit in the realm of home decor since making that decision, which sadly could mean that Butt Fart has to come down). I feel like the gold/ black almost looks Halloween to me even though it isn't orange.  So... we are thinking about painting the bottom walls too.  Question is what color?  Here are a couple bathrooms with chalkboards and white trim that I liked.
Of course blues and grays! Also, I love the little small frames with funny little black and white drawings, might incorporate that into the final decor?
So what do you think? Lighter bright blue or the darker dusty blue?!? Perhaps something totally different?  Pretty please send us some comments!


  1. Love the concept! Can't wait to see the finished product. Since it's a smaller space and the top half of the walls are going to be black I would probably go with a lighter blue to brighten up the space a bit.

  2. definitely lighter blue - it will make the bathroom look bigger too

  3. I love the combination of the lighter blue, the dark chalkboard and the white trim!

  4. Ligher blue! I love those inspiration bathrooms, too!


  5. I love how your bathroom turned out! I saw the end product and then just had to see your process. I plan on doing something like this to our basement bathroom since the basement is deemed the "man cave." My husband and I just painted one of our bathrooms which is so tiny..we were crammed in there together too. At one point I had to just stop and laugh at how contorted we had to be to get the job done!


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