Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Dining Room is Decorated and Ready for Holiday Entertaining!

After finishing up the Christmas Tree and Living Room Decor, it was time to finish off decorating the Dining Room.

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Here it is...
I hung some of the snowflake ornaments that we used on the tree on the light fixture.To break down some of the other details I have more individual photos.
I found a very old white table runner in our basement to change up the look (I almost forgot about it, don't you love it when you find random stuff tucked away in the basement?!?). For the centerpiece I used the same idea from Thanksgiving since I loved it so much. I just added some scented pine cones and silver ornaments this time. I might still put some small black and white photos in the twine like I did for Thanksgiving, but for now, I love it without.
On the sideboard I wrote a fun message on our DIY mini chalkboard (click the link for the tutorial!) and decorated the candles and dried wreath with the same music note ribbon I have used in the other rooms.
Here's a view from the other side.
I picked up this little mini tree from JoAnne's for $2.99 and added some ornaments and the ribbon.
Well that is it for the holiday decor in our house (thankfully, I can't imagine doing much more)! Time to put the focus back on our home renovation!

*** Update, we added our DIY Mini Chalkboard to the DIY Showoff Holiday Highlight Linky Party
and the ribbon wreath to Modern Country Styles Linky Party! 


  1. It is a very nice bit of decoration indeed!

    I have posted my first giveaway on my blog - it is a gift card and I do hope you will come enter.

  2. I LOVE that ribbon. {LOVE IT!}

    It just looks so simple but gorgeous wrapped around like that.



  3. Super cute vignette- loving that wee chalkboard and the ribbon you chose for the wreath and candle- so charming!

  4. What a festive and fun display! I have that same ribbon from Joann's. I'm a ribbon addict! You can never have too much :)Love how you wrapped it on the candle. I like the glass vase with corks, too!

    Happy Holidays!


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