Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shanghai Adventure: Part II

So, I'm still a bit pooped, but here is a glimpse of what the past couple days in Shanghai have been like.

Shanghai is truly an International city, in the sense that you can be here and feel like you haven't left the US as they have all the comforts you've grown accustomed to in America (most of the area has signs in English and many people speak English). On top of that, Shanghai is absolutley beautiful and very modern, the architecture here is stunning!

Saturday we left the big city and ventured out to the more rural areas. I guess this is when I felt like I definitely wasn't back home anymore. Everything was smaller, more modest and very simple.

Funny though, one area we drove through for a stop had it's own city built around a fine garment factory. I didn't know it was a factory at first because it was so beautiful, I decided to take a picture in front of it.  Totally doesn't look like a factory right?!?

Then, on our drive we had to stop at a rest area to use the bathroom. This is when I REALLY had a 'WHOA we're not in Kansas anymore' moment, I had to use this toilet?!?! It was very strange, I felt like they should have put instructions on the stall wall!

The next day we had a free work schedule and got to go shopping!!! Shopping was fun and challenging, considering the language barrier and currency exchange. Later in the day we spent time with a business partner and got to see views of The Bund from their office (which was in a pretty prime location in Shanghai).

After that we enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the sunset. The lights at night were beautiful!
A couple more days left! I am missing my house, pups, and hubby very much.... and all the projects of course! Can't wait to get back at it!


  1. oh man... with a toilet like that I think I would have held it... I wouldn't even know where to begin...

  2. LOL I had to use a toilet like that in Greece. So hard! Okay, I'll confess... I took my shorts completely off because I was sure that I'd pee on them if I didn't :P

  3. I lived in China for 6 months and you're making me miss it soooo much! I was weary of the toilets at first too, but after a little experience I will tell you it's much easier to squat over a toilet like that than trying not to touch the seat in western restrooms! And that toilet isn't nearly as bad as some I ended up having to use in the much more rural city of Hailar. Soak up every minute of the culture for me and eat lots and lots of rice! "Chinese" food in the U.S. is a joke compared to the real thing. If you get a chance, try to find a place with Beijing style duck that's served on something similar to tortillas. It's soooo good!

  4. Haha..had to laugh at the loo too! The toilets in Dubai are like this..tho there's always western stalls as well..but if you don't know that you have to just 'get on with it'! Laughed at chardonnay taking her shorts off! hahaha..awesome!!
    What an amazing experience for you to go to China..and I never would have expected it to feel interesting. Wonder what the 'factory' was like inside? to work in?
    thanks Carla..great pics
    jessie, nelson, nz x


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