Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Nice Surprise After Painting The Garment Rack

A couple weeks back I wrote a post about spray painting that Commerical Garment Rack I found at Target for the Spare Room/ Closet.  Well, I got a nice little surprise once it was done.  After it dried and we got it back upstairs, I realized it matched the metal on my vintage dressform!  Totally unintentional, but wow, it looks so much better now that they coordinate!
So here is what it looked like before spray painting.
This is the after using Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. So much better without the chrome look!
Originally, I just didn't like the chrome metal, but wasn't aiming for it to match the metal on the dressform.
But now that they are matching it helps to pull together my strange strategy in this room.
So here is where we are at now.  My clothes are off the floor!  I also have to add that while moving closets, I did a major purge of unnecessary items!  I filled 4 grocery bags of things that were hanging in my old closets that I hadn't worn in almost a year and dropped them off at Goodwill.   It felt good to get more organized and have less stuff to sift through!  I'm thinking I will put a vintage sign in the space above the rack to add some decor!
Next is getting my DIY Vintage Crates in there to add some shelving for storage!


  1. I love that you color code your clothes - I totally do it - and it is so much easier to pick out an outfit in the morning! Of course that may be because I have a tiny closet - nothing like yours {can you hear the jealously in my voice :) }

  2. The new closet area is looking good! Feeling better about the spare room now that it's coming together?

  3. Haha, yes, I do organize my clothes by color. I have no idea when/ why I did that, but I think I have been doing it since I was in my teens. At least in this room it makes it look prettier and not as messy? Yes Mike! I am feeling better, but we are stumped about what kind of chair we want in the sitting room part. And that will likely be the most expensive part of the project other than the floor :(

  4. Looks great! Please keep us updated on how the spray paint holds up! I'm curious to know if the paint will wear away from the hangers!?

  5. Your new closet is looking great. Can't wait to see the crates in it now.

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