Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Year Home Sweet Home Anniversary!

Two years ago today marks the first day we walked through the door of our little Dutch Colonial as home owners.  I wrote a post about the experience when I started the blog (it was kind of a weird day).

Although our home just turned 87 years old, I still think our 2 years here have been very special!  I am very proud of the updates we have made on our house and how 'homey' it now feels. 

But more importantly, I am realizing how special and significant this home is in our lives.  Before living here, I had lived in 10 places in a span of about 6 years.  When I left the 'nest' and went off to college I moved around quite a bit, dorms and apartment leases.  Then Alex and I moved to Minneapolis and lived in an apartment then the fancy condo.  So, it is finally nice to have a place to feel settled in, a REAL home.

I'm pretty sure Alex, Rocco, Sadie and I won't be here forever.  But it is nice to know we finally have a place in the world with that is truly special to us.  Anyway, I guess it is a fun little anniversary to remember each year.  Does anyone else out there remember/ recognize their 'home' anniversary? 

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  1. April 7 marks our 1 year house-iversary. I don't think we'll throw a party or anything but we plan to acknowledge it. I want to celebrate our house's birthday too. Do you go by the first day of construction or the day the last permit was inspected?

  2. Ha ha, I was going to say we haven't hit the first year here, but we plan to celebrate....but Mike beat me to it! I want to have a 100 year party in 10 years or so when our house hits 100. I've known people who have thrown a huge party before and it sounds so special! Congrats on two years of stability! I hope you have many more wonderful memories in this house and any future house you make your home!

  3. My home anniversary is the same day that the 35W bridge collapsed (as a fellow Minnesotan, you know what a big deal that was), so I will never forget that day. Also - the very next day, my now husband proposed! It was a very special weekend that we never forget. No big parties or anything, just usually a BBQ in the back yard with the 2 of us!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I enjoyed your house tour, you've done a fabulous job renovating your home! I love that your not afraid of a little color on the walls. I'll be stopping by again soon!

  5. Mike, I actuall don't know, my guess is the construction date? That is the first date on the building card I have. Megan, yes, the 35W bridge fall was actually the day after my birthday, I do know the date very well! We actually lived right downtown by that bridge when it fell, that day was crazy! We just kept hearing sirens all day!


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