Friday, March 18, 2011

An Update In Our Guest Room and Window Treatments

Our guest room got a little bit of freshening up! Let's take a look at this lovely space once again as the sunshine beams in.
Do you know what we changed up?  The bedding! I am really excited to show it off!
To take a look back at the evolution of this room, here it is before we removed the carpet and painted the walls.
Here it is after Alex refinished the wood floors and painted the walls with Behr's Cumberland Fog.  It was better, but still just a little bland.
Then we got SUPER LUCKY when Kevin and Layla Palmer from the Lettered Cottage came and went junkin' with us and redid our room!  It was awesome!  Layla used the existing bedding we already had at the time and it looked totally perfect!
After a few months I had an itch to change the bedding to something that was just white and textured.  What do you think?  Still like the look? 
I left everything else the same way Layla had decorated it in September because, I still love it as is and we always get compliments on the room when we have guests over. 
Here is a closer look at the new bedding.  The duvet has a rouched texture and if you are curious it is the Home brand from Target.
The quilt is the same Shabby Chic Quilt I had in September.  Still in love with it!  I loved all the different textures on the patches of the quilt.  The pillow is a bolster from Ikea.
Here are the pillow shams that match the duvet and quilt.  Just dreamy!
Oh, I did make one other change.  I replaced the framed photo with this canvas painting I made that says 'Sweet Dreams' in French.
So what are we still missing in here?  Window treatments, ugh, I need window treatments everywhere I think and it isn't my strong suit picking them out.  When Layla and Kevin redid the room they wanted to pick out window treatments for us, but we didn't have enough time that day.
All we have in there are these ugly plastic blinds.  Ick! 
So, I'd love to hear any suggestions for what kind of window treatments we should get!  There is one challenge though.  Since this room is so small the bed only fits in there when it is butted up against the window.  So, long drapey curtains won't work.  All I can think of is bubble or tie up shades.  I would love any other ideas or suggestions!  Please sound off in the comments!

Thank you, thank you! Have a good weekend!

PS- Since I was out of town most of this week I will not be doing a Head Over Heels post.  I wanted to catch up on some house posts so stay tuned for next weeks, it will be awesome!


  1. What about a bamboo roman shade. I didn't think I would like them, but you know what I picked one up on clearance at JCP and it filters the light. It adds a bit of texture.

  2. Your room looks great and I love the bedding. I am so not good with curtains either. Good luck.

  3. Mike and I (Katrina who is too lazy to sign Mike out) vote for Roman blinds. They're nice because they fit within the window frame, look tailored, and can be light blocking if you splurge on the blackout backed kind. You could also do a window box with a patterned batted fabric on the outside around the window sill (we may do this eventually in our hobby room.) Either way, I'm sure it'll look great! I love the bedding, by the way. I've always wanted all white bedding, but I'm too afraid it'll look dirty after a month, so I practically buy darker patterned colors!

  4. I love the new bedding! When I do our guest room, I want it to grow up to look just like yours. ;)

    I agree with the above girls - we have a bamboo shade in our mud room and the texture/natural tones are so pretty. A Roman shade would look great too - I've even seen DIY Roman shades made from mini-blinds and love the fact that you can choose your own coordinating fabric. I haven't attempted it myself but the tutorials I've seen make it look so easy. Love plantation shutters too. Can you tell I'm a tad indecisive? ;)

    Have a wonderful week, Carla!

  5. Carla, I went to an antique store on Friday and thought of you. I've been there before, but since taking your suggestion of Bower Brothers and planning an upcoming trip to Salvage Antiques, I thought of you this time! The place is on 50th and Xerxes, Hunt and Gather. I have been there multiple times but only went into their basement level for the first time this weekend! They have a nice variety of antique items and repurposed antiques. I saw a laundry bag with a metal base (first floor in the back corner) that I thought would look awesome in your new closet! Anyway, check it out sometime! I'm hoping to post some inspirational (and creepy) pictures I took on our blog sometime this week.


  6. Beautiful and I love the white bedding! How about white shutters?

  7. Who doesn't love white bedding?! Have you thought about fixing hinged shutters to the wall and then having the option of opening and closing them? And maybe put a small wreath or decoration on each shutter?

  8. I would put a 3" white wood blind inside mounted in your bedroom window. The big 3" size mimics the look of a plantation shutter but without the expense. And it is great for light control and privacy. I love your bedding!

  9. I love this bedding! I was looking at the bedding on Target's website all last week, looking for something in a Queen size, but I don't know if it was the Home brand. You could still do drapes on that window and it would help make the bed the focal point. You could actually use white sheets and use clip rings on a rod to get that soft, flowy, romantic look up to the windows. Then you can use the tie backs that look like knobs off to each side of the window and just drape the sides on those so it is not stuck behind the bed or getting in the way when someone is in the bed. It would almost give a corona look to the bed and you would be getting window treatments out of the deal!

  10. Hi everybody! I see a lot of you came over from Songbird's linky party, so glad you are here! I have to tell you that I did end up making something for the window since I wrote this post back in March. Check out the vintage grainsack window shades I made here:

    Kathy- I do LOVE your idea though, it makes me want to redo the windows treatments again :) I do think bigger shades with a tie back would really make the bed a featured focal point. LOVE it! I'll see what I can do...

  11. That bedding is so good! I am so jealous of you guys who can find bedding like that at Target. We don't have a Target :-(
    I think you updated the room beautifully!
    Thank you for playing in my We Love White Party. Sorry it has taken me this long to make my second round, and commenting.


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