Friday, September 24, 2010

Here it is! The Guest Room Redo from Layla and Kevin Palmer of the Lettered Cottage!

So as I wrote about in a previous blog, Layla and Kevin came to help us with our guest room redo (started here and here).  Again, I am a HUGE fan of their blog, we have done projects on our house based on ideas we got from their blog like here and here.

Here are the before pictures of our guest room before Layla and Kevin worked their magic (Rocco decided to be in the pictures)...
After we hit the Junk Bonanza, we got back to our house and Layla and Kevin started on our guest room.  We had to wait downstairs, it was nerve racking having our house in someone else's hands! But we totally trusted Kevin and Layla to do something amazing with our guest room!

****Drumroll.....  Here it is!  Our new Guest Room!****

We got most of the items at Junk Bonanza including: the chair, antique dress form, tin tiles, night table, metal wall markers, small antique case, vintage mint tin, and an antique framed bed spring with hanging letters.  Layla and Kevin definitely have an eye for nice junk!
Here is a view of the night table and wall markers.  I LOVE the table that they found, it is worn perfectly, so shabby and cute!
Layla used a container from our kitchen and picked these flowers from the front of our house.  She put them on top of the antique black case, totally cute!
Here's a closer look at the wall art, the picture is one we had already downstairs, I love that she put the metal widow's peak above the picture, I never would have thought to do that!
We had the bedding in our house already, same goes for the dec pillows. Layla and Kevin switched things up and it looks great! The duvet is from Ikea and the quilt is a Shabby Chic quilt from Target.
The lettered dec pillows are from Pottery Barn and the long bolster is from Ikea.
This is a closer shot of the antique bedspring.  We got some vintage letters and numbers to hang from it.  Layla found the cards on a bulletin board we had by our basement door. She also suggested that we get some clothes pins to hang cards or pictures on the bedspring, like a bulletin board.  Such a good idea! I can't wait to add the clothes pins! 
At Junk Bonanza, Layla told me to pick some letters that meant something to me.  I looked for a C, A, Z, R or S, and could only find a C.  I then thought what about a T and L so we can have TLC to stand for The Lettered Cottage so it will remind us of this experience. 
I think this is my favorite part of the room, well tied with the mattress spring.  I LOVE my antique dressform, it is something I always wanted to have. Alex found it and surprised me with it, it was so sweet of him!  
The chair that Kevin and Layla found is perfect!  I love the chipped paint and the color pops against our lighter blue walls. The mirror there was ours, Alex's mom got it for him, it also is a beautiful antique !

 There is a vintage mint tin on the table as well and an old mason jar with dandelions Layla got from the Bonanza.  I also LOVE the large vintage tin tile, it looked perfect with our paint!
Here we are with Kevin and Layla after the big reveal, which we had to tape about 5 times, and it is really hard to act surprised over and over, but it was fun!  Alex made a blooper the second time we filmed our reaction, we opened the door and Alex yelled "Oh my gosh, what did you do?  It looks terrible!"  Then we all cracked up and had to tape the reveal again. 
Our final picture before they left, we had to take with my dressform.
And that was it!  The whole day was a blur, but so much fun.  I also had to tape a few interviews about us, our house, and my love for the Lettered Cottage Blog!  It was amazing having them at our house and spending the day with them.  Layla and Kevin are so nice and fun to hang out with!  I hope they had as much fun as we did!


  1. Looks fabulous...a lover and follower of Layla and Kev's site from the UK
    Real jealous...looks like you had a wonderful fun filled time x

  2. That is so cool, thanks for sharing! I love the dress form, I would never think of decorating with one, but it looks so cute! I also LOVE your re-do on the kitchen nook! What a fantastic idea.

  3. great finds room looks 4 look like friends for years (i was gonna say old but i am new here so i will becareful! ) i am anxious to take some time and catch up with your blog love the name of it

  4. Yay Carla!!! So cool! I love the new room! Can't wait to make use of it when we come to visit:)

  5. Looks like y'all had a blast, and the room looks beautiful! I love TLC too, and always get so inspired by Layla & Kevin. Thanks for sharing your lovely room with us!

    Blessings, Grace

  6. Greetings! Your room looks great with your new little table and the blue chair!
    Best regards,

  7. The rooms looks fabulous! From the looks of the rest of your house looks like you could have pulled this off yourself! You are an amazingly talented decorator.... Lovin' your blog!

  8. The room looks gorgeous, Carla :)

    Thanks for your sweet coment on my blog re my Beachy Step Stool, I hope it has inspired you to paint your table and chairs, it is so much fun :)

    Have a great day
    xx Karen

  9. Hello, how lucky you guys are to have spent the day with Layla and Kevin and get a new room out of it to boot! Love the grave markers,(creepy but cool) especially the one above your picture in your guest room....I'm a definite follower!

  10. Hi there. I am just stopping by from TLC and wanted to say hello. Your home is lovely. What fun to work with Layla and Kevin.
    Congrats on thew new guest room. I'm guessing that you are already taking reservations. ;)


  11. Wow, did that ever turn out great! Love the colors and especially the aqua chippy chair, the new bedside table and the mannequin. If you're interested in taking a peak I did a tutorial a while back on a mannequin very similiar to yours on my blog. They may even be twins. You can find it here
    Enjoy your make-overs and always make it fun.

  12. Hopped over from the Junk Bonanza blog! The room turned out beautifully and it really looks like you had a wonderful time, too! I am a new follower!

  13. I love those blue walls- what a transformation! It looks so relaxing now.

  14. Hi there,

    This is my first visit to your sight.

    I'm a HUGE FAN of TLC, and have been following their blog for a couple years. I actually linked over here to your blog via Layla's Junk Bonanza post! I had to see more of your 'after' photos and read all about your fun day!

    LUCKY YOU!!! How cool was that?! They did a great job on your room, and I'm sure it was a blast hanging out at The Junk Bonanza with them!! I'm so jealous (in a VERY HAPPY FOR YOU sort-of way!!!) ;)

    Hopefully they will be back to the JB next year. I'm hoping to attend, and it would be SO cool to bump into them. (Fat chance with all the people around, but maybe on the Early Bird day when it's not 'quite' as busy.) I was unable to attend this year, as we were still adjusting to our 'new' life at home with our daughter (who we adopted from China back in May)so I could not attend this year... but it was fun enjoying it through your's and Layla's blogs! I hope they get their own show, too... they'd have such a big group of faitful followers!!

    I also look forward to perusing your blog some more and following along on your 'renovations' to come!!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
    ~ Tanya

  15. LOVE your guest room! Thanks for sharing. I am inspired. ;)

  16. It looks like you had a blast - and got a gorgeous room to boot! It looks beautiful!


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