Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bathroom Redo: Gettin' Our Grout On!

Well the Bathroom Redo of Our Redo has completed the tile and grouting phase.  This also shows the tile we chose for the floor.  We wanted something with a more vintage feel to fit the look of our 1924 house.  We have gone on a lot of historic home tours in the area and decided we wanted small black and white tiles.  We found them in a lot of older homes and loved the look. 

Here is a picture of the inspiration (not our bathroom), I also think my grandmother's bathroom had tiles like these.

Here are the steps that Alex took along the way, he was really happy that I was taking pictures of him, he loves to tile and grout (sarcasm font).
Laying the mortar down with the trowel
Laying sections of tile into the mortar
Pressing tiles in securely with a grout float
Laying the last single tile!
Laying the tile is complete!
Then, after clearing the grout lines between tiles of any mortar that was there after the installation, Alex mixed the grout and began laying it in the lines with the float.

I stood in the tub to take these pictures and asked Alex to smile for one.  After hearing several times "No! Go away!"  I got a gorgeous smile and a laugh.  Ahhh the mood swings of home renovating :)
Then the tile sets with the grout for 30 minutes to firm up
After the 30 minutes passed, Alex cleaned the lines with a damp sponge.  The directions say to wait 16 hours before you can walk on it, but we are going to wait 24 since we have had bad experiences before with tile and grout.  We need that grout to solidify baby!
That's it for this part, goodness I can't wait for my sink and toilet to be back!  That should be the next bathroom blog (I hope)!


  1. I love black and white tiles in a bathroom... So classic!

  2. What an awesome job Alex has done on the tile and grout. I've done it too and know it is not something to smile about...until of course it's all done and you have the beautiful results to look at. Well done!
    Good luck with setting the toilet and sink back in, and the rest of your projects.

  3. I so want that same floor. I've had a tear out magazine picture tempting me for years. Thanks for sharing that it's not that hard. Looks soooooo nice.

  4. Great job! You are lucky that you have a handy husband to do this!
    P.S. You guys look like a very cute couple! :)

  5. Where did you guys buy the floor tile? We've been pricing for our main floor bathroom and want something similar to your choice, which looks great!

  6. We picked it up at Home Depot actually, I think it was $8 or $10 for 1x1 foot squares (not totally sure, our bathroom was so tiny the cost was pretty low). I was actually skeptical when Alex picked it, but I am IN LOVE now! It is totally vintage chic!


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